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Call for Volunteers!

Lake Logan volunteers

We need a couple or few volunteers to buy supplies for the Junior/Senior Lake Logan trip. Below is a list of items we need to have delivered to the the CW rooms at SOA by 5 October. If you're interested in helping out, please send your name in an email to me, Joe Kelly, at NOTE: volunteers buying these supplies will be reimbursed, so long as they turn in a receipt. (We'll need enough for 30 people for 2-3 days of snacking.)

Plain M & M's

Peanut M & M's


Potato chips


Cheese puffs

Cookies or other sweets

Peanuts, almonds or other nuts

60 Granola bars (for the bus)

60 juice boxes (for the bus)

4 12 packs of Cokes

2 12 packs of Diet Coke

2 12 packs of Sprite

75 Bottles of water (Lake Logan provides coolers with ice to keep it cold and recycling bins)

Lake Logan trip personal supplies:

If you're the parent of a writer going to Lake Logan, click here to see what they need to bring:

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