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Ghosts of War

Duty to my country, Personal experience

After hearing about the 9/11 Terrorist strike while in school, 17 yr old Ryan Smithson decides he wants to join the army. Later, he is sent to the reserves until troops are needed in battle. By signing up for the army and wanting to fight the people responsible for 9/11, he is doing a very important duty to the United states. As Ryan once said, "If I don't do something, who will?", and he has chosen to do that task. In the book, it reviews tales ranging from his High School, to the barren areas of combat, and other places Ryan went as a G.I. Some of them are even in memoir form. This can relate to personal experience because one quote from Ryan is, "This isn't a weapon cache mission where we kick down the door looking for suspects. We pour concrete lands where an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) exploded to keep insurgents from planting more. No news reporters followed us around, because soldiers saving lives aren;t as interesting as soldiers taking lives." That can easily relate because Ryan is describing first hand, something that happened on that mission while he was servering in the army.

Ryan was a very brave man and fought bravely for his country

Ryan deserves to be apreciatted. Any person can sign up for the army, but it takes REALY courage to actually be willing to stand up and say, "Yes, I will go into this battle, wether it kills me or not. I shall fight for the united states and its citizens.". However, his extremely descriptive accounts of what happened in the army can amass many thoughts, ideas, and movies inside the head of the reader. Now THAT, takes real courage

Author: Ryan Smithson

Ryan smithson was a REAL U.S. army soldier whos inspiration for joining the army because of what happened on 9/11. One thing he said was, "It was my generations version of Pearl Harbor.". He started writing essays in 2006, and combined all fo then into the book, "Ghosts of War", and retired from the army in december of 2012