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Food, Drinks, Music and My Birthday

------------Fusion Food & Craft Cocktails---------

Summer is here and so is my birthday. Whoohoo! Come celebrate with this muchacho.

Saturday, June 22nd.

Party starts 8pm at my house. Expect fusion food, craft Mezcal cocktails and bonfire at night.


To keep the party going we need to know how much Mezcal and food we will need. Please comment at the bottom of the invite how many will be coming with you.

Food will be catered by HOLA-PRIVIET

-Kale Chips

-Wild Mushroom Tacos

-Jicama Salad

-Beef and Vegetarian Pelmenis with chipotle sauce

Craft cocktails will be served by our friend and saviour* Jesus

-House of Cards - Sophisticated Mezcal

-Mad Men - Old Fashion

-Breaking Bad - Frozen

*He will save you from a boring night.

Будьте там, или быть квадратной

Food, Drinks, Music and My Birthday

Saturday, June 22nd 2013 at 8pm

3017 20th St

San Francisco, CA

Food, Drinks, Music and My Birthday All-in-One