Got Water?Hydroelectricity

by Jaden & Isabella

What is Hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity is energy made from moving water. Even a little bit of hydroelectricity can power large cities like Los Angeles. Most places that make hydroelectricity are in the mountains or near large lakes, but there are other places that help to make it too. Long ago people used water wheels to help power their homes. We still use a similar process to make energy from water today. Dams are used to store the energy from rivers and then create reservoirs which stores water so that we can use it for later to create electricity. The Hoover Dam in Arizona creates enough hydroelectricity to power Los Angeles which is about 270 miles away. Although the process to make hydroelectricity can harm neighboring wildlife or flood surrounding land it is a clean energy source and does not produce pollution.

Why is Hydroelectricity Important?

Hydroelectricity is important because...

Hydroelectricity is an important way to create energy because it isn't too hard to do and it doesn't produce smog. Water will never go away so we can use this in years to come.