Ring-Tailed Lemur

Lemurs are majestic creatures that were once said to contain the spirits of our ancestors. Read on to find out about the ghost lemur also known as the ring-tailed lemur.


Ring-tailed Lemurs appearance are like most lemurs but with a distinct difference. Lemurs come in many varieties of colors,but they have many body parts that are alike, they have a monkey body with a tail, but not every lemur has a long distinct black and white alternating pattern on its tail the ring-tailed lemurs does. This mammal has a flat dog-like face with a long moist nose and no eyelids. This primate is the only lemur with no solid colored fur. On ring-tailed lemurs the scent glands are on their arms. This strange species is born with its eyes open,and doesn't blink for a couple of weeks. Lemurs are covered in fur even when they are first born. Ring-tailed lemurs are primates with five toes and five fingers on each hand. They have whiskers on it’s face, and forward facing eyes that are white, with black fur around the eyes,


Lemurs are said to have floated over oceans to locate on islands with lots of vegetation. The larger species are diurnal, and smaller species are nocturnal. Ring-tailed lemurs prefer horizontal branches to sleep, and are rarely seen on branches higher than 21 meters in elevation. Ring-Tailed lemurs live in Madagascar and on the coast of Africa and were once said to be spotted anywhere in the world.


Ring tailed lemurs are omnivorous, but they prefer to eat flowers such as the Tamarind pod. During the dry season ring-tailed lemurs will eat bark, sap insects, even vertebrates if really hungry. This lemur spends one third of the day looking for food on the ground. When hunting, these features come in handy like excellent eyesight and forward facing eyes. But an even better sense of smell.

Friends and enemies

In most groups of mammals the male rules the group, But not the ring tailed lemur. The females hunt. While the males take care of the children. Females choose the food to eat. When mating season comes the females choose mate by the males fighting, and they mate 1 time a year. Some enemies of the ring tailed lemur are eagles, snakes, hawks, and Humans are also a threat. because deforestation. There were once about 50 known species of lemur. Now it is down to 36.

At this rate there will be no more lemurs in the world left. We still have time to change that back to the way it once was. Amagen Meeting a ring tailed lemur for the first time I think that would be realy fun.


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