Native American Cultures

easy research with the big6

Step one: define your task

You will become an expert about Native American cultures.

Do some background reading.

Then, write a list of questions whose answers you need to find.

STEP TWO: find your sources

What sources would work best for your research? Books? the Internet? Which specific webpage?

After looking at your sources, are they good? Are they recent? Are they accurate?

step three: choose your best sources

After evaluating your sources, choose three that will give you the best information.

You are becoming an expert, so make sure your sources have specific facts.

Use the "Info Tracker" worksheets to gather your information!


step four: use your information

Take your information and see if it is answering your questions.

Organize your information so it makes sense.

Look for more information (steps 2 and 3) if you need to.

show me your expertise!

step five: synthesize

Put it all together!

Make a PowerPoint, Poster, or write an Oral Presentation.

Make an example of an artifact that is important to Native American culture.

Share your final product with others.

step six: evaluate

Check the rubric. Did you do what you were supposed to?

Are you proud of your work?

Way to go!