La Escuelita TK-8 UPDATES

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Join me in welcoming Anna Li, our new Resource Teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thank you Ms. Downer, who has been Substitute Teacher in the role and to Ms. Barrett (Resource Teacher on Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and to Ms. Martha for all their support.

This Week

Tuesday: SSC Meeting, 3:30 pm.

Wednesday and Thursday: Tammy off site for Budget Lock-in in the afternoon 2-4 pm on Wednesday, and Principal Meeting on Thursday. Ms. Cater will be Teacher-in-Charge

Thursday, February 18: Parent University 5:30 pm.


February 23: Faculty Focus Meetings, 3:00 pm: We will be the host school for Sankofa, Parker, and Greenleaf to join us at our school. Superintendent Antwan Wilson has been meeting with schools across our District to hear from Teachers and Staff to share our District mission, vision, priorities, and key strategies for the District. Schools will share successes, what we are celebrating, and areas for growth.

Week of March 7: Parent-Teacher Conferences.

2: 30 pm Wednesday Professional Learning

2:30 pm Professional Learning:

California Healthy Kids Survey and Grade Level Planning

Class Meetings/Restorative Practices

This month's character trait: Honesty


Starting this week we will switch yard duty schedules for grades 1-5. If you had yard duty in the mornings you will switch to the afternoons, if afternoon switch to mornings.

During rainy days we will use the schedule below. There will be an announcement from the office when we are on the rainy day schedule.

Rainy Day Lunch Schedule

TK-1 11:30-12:00

2-4 12:00-12:30

4/5-7 12:30-1:00