Zoo Keeper : The Central Park Zoo

Sarah Jones


What a Zoo Keeper does is they take care of some of the largest and smallest animals in the world! They also prepare balanced diets, and make sure that the animals get fed regularly. Zoo Keepers also play an important role in the animals health that they are taking care of. Also, Zoo Keepers are responsible for bathing animals, giving them excercise, and preparing and cleaning their cages. These are things that a Zoo Keeper is responsible for.

Other things you should know about being a Zoo Keeper:

Travel: You don't need to travel much as a Zoo Keeper but the trip to and from the Zoo each day.

Dangers: There are several dangers as a Zoo Keeper. One is that you can get severely injured or possibly even die if you are not careful when caring for an animal.

Advantages: Zoo Keepers get to bond with animals, and learn more about the animals that they are caring for.

Education: You will need an Associates Degree in Animal Training Management, and a Bachelor's Degree in Bioligy or Zoology; to become a Zoo Keeper.

Universities: DeVry University and Kaplan University

Salary: Around $14.00 per hour

Zoo Keepers and Zoo animals: