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Maire Newsletter May 13 edition

Dear Maire Families

Last week we had our PTO Auction Derby Party. The generosity and support of our PTO and families has been overwhelming year after year. The best part of the night was connecting as a community again. Our strong sense of community, which was difficult to truly foster for the better part of two years, felt alive and vibrant. We look forward to more opportunities to come together. Maire is a special place to be at, and actually being together makes everyone happy.


Ryan Francis

Proud Principal of Maire

Important Maire dates to remember

5/18 Communities United in Diversity 6pm Ferry Elementary

5/23 BOE Meeting 7:00 p.m. Brownell MS

5/27 Maire Field Day *see details below

6/3 Bike to School Day *more info to come

6/8 Pierce Ice Cream Social for incoming 5th graders 6-7:30 pm

6/10 Save the date! Maire PTO Block Party and Movie Night *more info to come

6/16 Save the date! 4th Gr Promotion 9am (out on the Maire field)

6/17 Last day of school

Parent Survey- Leader in Me at Maire

As a Leader in Me School we are always working on continuous improvement. This is our first time using the Leader in Me Survey, but we plan to make this an annual event where we ask stakeholders to take a short survey. These surveys are used to collect, analyze, and report student, staff, and school-level outcomes related to the focus on improving leadership, culture, and academics. They help us identify our strengths and weaknesses, develop improvement plans, and monitor progress. Please complete the survey below. All of your responses are completely anonymous. The survey should take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and your feedback is important to us.

Leader in Me - MRA Survey

Biking to School? A Few Reminders...

Finally the warm weather has arrived. So many are now biking up to school, which is fantastic! A few reminders about biking to school

-Be sure to have a lock your child can manage on their own. All bikes must be locked so they are kept safe. Maire is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes on property.

-Students should wear a helmet and bring their helmet in to school with them

-WALK your bike on school grounds- this is a district policy to ensure everyone is safe

Maire Field Day Friday May 27th!

The ever popular end of the year Maire Field Day will be on Friday, May 27th!

8:30-11 grades K-2

12:30-3 grades 3-4

Please sign up here to volunteer! We will need a bunch of helping hands to make the day a success.

We can't wait for a great day!

P-EBT eligibility

Your child may qualify for Pandemic-EBT as the MDHHS has announced Pandemic-EBT eligibility for each GPPSS building.

For months that a school reported primarily in person, a parent/guardian has the option to request an individual review of their student’s circumstances. This process is called a reconsideration (see attached form).

1. When should a parent or guardian request reconsideration?
  • If they have a free/reduced lunch student who attended class partially or fully virtual in a month shown on their notice (September 2021, October 2021, November 2021, and December 2021)

2. What information will a parent or guardian need from the school?

  • A parent or guardian will need to provide proof that shows how their student received instruction for the month(s) on the notice. We call this a proof document. It will need to contain the following information:

•Student’s name

•The month(s) for which the parent is requesting a reconsideration

•A statement about how the student received instruction for that month

•Name of the school employee filling out the document

•The school employee’s title, e-mail, and telephone number

  • Can be completed by the teacher, aide, secretary, counselor

For more information:

P-EBT FAQ for parents

P-EBT Maire

Leader in Me Habit #8 Find Your Voice

In the month of May, we are learning about Habit #8 : Find Your Voice.

This important component of the LIM education teaches us how to use what you do well to help others.

Leaders find their voice by using their talents, strengths, and passions to reach their leadership potential.

Character Word of the Month: Courage

Our Character Word of the Month is “Courage.” The challenge for the month is to try something new, perhaps something you were apprehensive to try before like a new food or sport. Please read our parent letter about Courage. Parent Letter

Library Book Reminder

As a reminder, the library here at Maire "shuts down" on May 27th. Students will not be checking out books after that point. Our goal every year is to get all of our library books returned so please look under beds, on desks, and in closets so that all of our favorite stories can find their way back to the library shelves. Books that are not found will have a cost to replace.

HAT not HATE Assembly

Yesterday we had an amazing assembly sponsored by our PTO, called Hat Not Hate. The theme of the assembly was to spread kindness and raise awareness to stand up to bullying. During the assembly we heard powerful messages about having great character, empathy, and support for others. Part of the #HatNotHate program is to wear blue, in particular blue hats, as a symbol for kindness and anti-bullying. People from all around the country found out that we were hosting an assembly at Maire and makers started getting to work. We were sent over 300 handmade BLUE hats so everyone at Maire received a FREE blue hat to wear to spread the message. We can’t wait to see the blue hats around the community. Our goal is to get yarn and loom kits later this month so our Maire Bears can return the favor as well. You can find out more information at .

Believe- believe in yourself, you are not alone, you are unique

Learn- Learn about others, yourself, and your community

Understand- Everyone has their own battles, no one is the same, everyone processes things differently

Educate- learn about bullying and find ways to help

March is Reading Month Baseball Vouchers

Did you get a BINGO for March is Reading Month? We sent home a ticket voucher with instruction on how to redeem your free ticket to see a baseball game at Jimmy John's Field. This is just a reminder to be sure to get your game lined up while seats are still available for games this summer.

TUESDAY BAGEL SALE- 4th Grade Legacy Gift

Reminders for bagel Tuesdays:

We will now be doing pre orders on Monday.

  • please send money in on Monday
  • along with money, please include a note with all necessary info (child's name, teacher name, and bagel choice)
  • students will be able to choose between cinnamon swirl, blueberry, or chocolate chip bagels.
  • Cost will be $1 per bagel (no cream cheese will be sold).

This fourth graders’ legacy gift is being done to raise funds to help children impacted by the war in Ukraine. All proceeds from the bagel sale will be sent to relief organizations focused on assisting families displaced by the war. Students at Maire will have the opportunity to purchase bagels each week for the remainder of the school year.

Any student that wants to send a kind note or picture to Ukraine can do so in their free time and drop it off in the office before the end of the year.

Updated GPPSS info on Covid screening

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Lunch help is always welcome!

We would love some helping hands at lunchtime! Please sign up to help us if you are able:

Lunch Sign Up