The process

of photosynthesis and cellular respiration


Water is being absorbed in the Chloroplast from the roots and Carbon Dioxide is being entered through the stomata of the leaves. Photosynthesis officially happens when the Sunlight is being captured by the Chloroplast and stored into the Sugars. After that, Oxygen gets released into the air and Sugar gets converted into starch. PHOTOSYNTHESIS CAN ONLY OCCUR IN THE PLANT CELLS!!!!!!

Photosynthesis Equation:

The reactants are the elements on the left of the arrow and the products are the elements on the right of the arrow!
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Cellular Respiration

Cellular Respiration is basically Photosynthesis backwards, but they both have very different steps. "During Cellular Respiration sugar is broken down to Carbon Dioxide and Water and during that process, Sugar is made that can then be made for cellular work" CELLULAR RESPIRATION OCCURS IN BOTH PLANTS AND ANIMALS!!!!!

Cellular Respiration Equation

The elements on the left side of the arrows are called reactants and the elements on the right side of the arrow are called products
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