never give up

Trey Wulf

If you say you can't you won't succeed



Major is my wrestling coach. He helped me with never giving up. He taught me to make a goal and work to achieve this goal. He worked with me one on one. He made me a better wrestler. Major is 33 years old. He wrestled at University of Iowa. HIs hometown is Muscatine Iowa. He wrestled at 197 Pounds.


Wes is also my wrestling coach. He taught me to never be tired, and never show someone that you are tiered. He showed me how to new moves.


Norwalk Wrestling Room

I showed up for every practice possible. I found that hard work pays off.

Wells Fargo Arena

After the final practice i headed to Wells Fargo Arena. This is where the state tournament is held. It is held here all the time. I made it to state in 2012-2013.


I showed up for every practice of the season. I worked hard at every practice. I showed up for districts and i saw my bracket for my weight. I went down on the mat to warm up. after i was done warming up they started the matches. When i wasn't wrestling I watched Jack Livingston wrestle. We both advanced onto state.

When i got to the arena I warmed up with the other kids from Norwalk that advanced. One again when I wasn't wrestling i was cheering on the other kids that i new. I lost my first match. Then I won my second match. It came down to the final match to advance. I lost that match but it was against the kid that ended up getting first in state. I got my goal by making it to state. My coach major made me fell good after I lost. I stayed and watched the other Norwalk kids.

Turning Point

The turning point was when I won my weight class in districts. This was the changing point because I was so excited because it was the first time I made it to state. This is something I will never forget. This is one of my favorite memories. When this happened It made me feel like i was really good at what i was doing.
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