Points of Pride

November 4, 2017

Instructional Focus:

"My Plate Runneth Over!"

Second quarter always goes by the quickest, and is often the most stressful. We are already entering November and we have Veteran's Day, then Thanksgiving and before you know it the stress of the holiday season will be here.

As teachers we always feel like we can't put anything else on our plates. Administration is constantly giving us new information and initiatives right? When was the last time you reflected about what was on your plate? Please know that I know how stressful it is to be a teacher! When I give you something new to do, like last week's vocabulary CODE information, I don't want you to add this on top of your plate, I want you to look at taking off something and replace it with something more effective.

Take some time this week and look at what you can intentionally add/subtract that will bring about more effective teaching practices.

**I had my monthly principal meetings, so this week's newsletter is heavy with district information, but I think it's crucial that I keep everyone "in the know."