Tridigital Learning

The Past, Present and Future of Technology in the Classroom

What is Tridigital Learning?

Tridigital Learning is essentially balancing past, present and future technology and understanding that technology is always changing. Tridigital Learning focuses on making sure that past, present and future forms of technology can be used to form all student needs in the classroom. In order to promote student success in the classroom, it is important for teachers to adapt to ever-changing technology and recognize the individual needs of all students.
How will you teach me in the 21st century?

Past, Present and Future Learning: The Differences

Learning in the Past

Past learning was very textbook centered and greatly dependent on direct teacher instruction. Students were given little time to individually express creativity, and discussions were solely based on teachers asking questions and students answering them.

Learning in the Present

Today, learning is becoming more and more technology based, but not centered. Teachers assign projects for group collaboration, and incorporate audio, video and internet activities in the classroom. Some schools are iPad friendly but not all.

Learning in the Future

Future classrooms definitely have the potential to switch to 1:1 iPad learning. Many schools have already taken this route and it has proved successful. Technology in future classrooms might even be more centered around SmartBoards instead of the traditional white boards, which many schools have also switched to. Overall, I think technology in the future classroom will allow student manipulation and personal growth for all students.

How Do You Find a Balance?

It is important for teachers to understand that not all past forms of learning can be eliminated. For instance, sometimes the reliability of textbooks is still important to include in the classroom. Textbooks provide accurate information all in one place that is easy for students to find. It is also important for teachers to recognize that students need to be computer savvy. Computers are used daily by so many people, and teachers do not want students left behind in this aspect. It is also important for teachers to recognize new technology and consider implementing it into the classroom. Student blogging has become very popular and seems to have a positive effect on students. 1:1 iPads in thousands of schools has also shown advancement in school and overall student success. Making sure all 3 forms of learning are incorporated in the classroom is important, and should not be overlooked by educators.
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