teenagers getting out more

BY; Jordan May

teenagers need to get out more because, technology is taking over.

I get together with my good friend Amir because, we felt like we have been in the house for too long. We don't ever experience the great outdoors.


we were talking about how times used to be when we were kids and we didn't have any cell phones or computers to sit on when we were bored. All we did was play outside and enjoy other people.

Then we realized that we should go on a walk and embrace the outdoors.

The journey continues!

Since we had already saw all of the best scenery my neighborhood had to offer we decided to go out and drive around.

close up shot

We sat in the car to think about where we should go. We figured it out and it was on to the next stop in our journey through the community.
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low angle shot

After all day of driving and sight seeing we got a little hungry so we decided to stop at one of the best pizza places ever!!!
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Two shot.

We finally made it inside and we could smell the bread baking and we were discussing what kind of pizza to order because that is an important decision to make.
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High angel shot

After we ordered the pizza we were waiting. While the food was being made we were talking about what an amazing day we had and how we should do it more often cause sitting in the house is boring.
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Establishing shot

We got the pizza and we were exhausted so we got in the car and went home. Sometimes it isnt that bad to be at home at the end of the day.