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An amazing story

In 1936, when the world was in crisis Alan Turing, a quiet , young mathematician was working on a machine. The machine read symbols, it understood them and did what was needed to be done to them , via programing. Slowly but surely the machine improved. This was the start of a revoloution. Soon the machine was able to incredibly complicated calculations which then would produce a new outcome. With time the machine almost became an electronic brain, or as we know it today a computer. World War II arrived and Turing built new machines that were able to crack the german codes. After the war Turing physically tried to build the computer he had dreamed of, he became a pioneer of what we now know as artificial intelligence. He was determined theses computers (robots) could do things a human couldn't he described the as children. This was because children learn from what they are tought like he wanted the robots to do. Sure enough his hard work payed off these robots today do things like building cars and even drive them , or perform life saving surgery. The world would be a very different place without Alan Turing. In technology we may not be where we are today without him.