Rorberto Clemente

by Isaiah Filer

Where It All Started

When Roberto was young he was very intreseted in baseball he would play with a broom stick and use a tomato can for a ball. Since they lived in Puerto Rico and had very little money Roberto and his father worked in a farm. One day Roberto saved enough money to buy a bike. And his dad was very proud of his son because he saved his money to buy what he wanted.
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Big leagues

When Roberto was scouted by the Brooklyn Dodger's he was affected early on by climate and language differences. However, Clemente improved his language and baseball skills and later was scouted and hired by the Pittsburgh Pirates major league ball club( Roberto Clemente as seen in the picture above). Clemente was an All Star player for twelve seasons and fifteen All Star games. Clemente was the National League MVP in 1966. He was also, the NL batting leader in 1961, 1964,1965 and 1967 and a Gold Glove winner for twelve seasons from 1961-1972.

World serie's

In 1971 World Series Roberto Clemente hit two homeruns to help Pittsburgh defeat the favored Baltimore Orioles. In the 1972 season, Clemente became the first Hispanic player to reach 3,000 career hits.
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Death of 1972

On December 31, 1972 Clemente was delivering supplies to earthquake survivors in Nicaragua when his plane crashed. They made a statue of Roberto dropping the bat hitting a home run. In 1973 Clemente was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Clemente was the first Latino inducted into the Hall.

All of this information is from the book We'll Never Forget You Roberto Clemente by Trudie Engal and additional information was gathered from Wikipedia.