Why doTERRA?

Why now?

30 Million have filed for unemployment

According to CNN as of April 30, 2020; some 30 million people have filed for unemployment. This doesn't mean,however, that their checks are being sent. That is staggering. In reality more filed in 2008! One of the differences 2008 wasn't as sudden. Most found other jobs or started new businesses pretty quickly. Others created vision for a different future like doTERRA who began in April 2008.

One of the biggest questions circling the drain is whether or not the jobs lost today will be there tomorrow. Will they recover? We are in a place and time when more and more people in the hospitality and food and beverage industry need to look at the bigger picture. They are not alone. Other industries while deemed essential now, may have a rough road ahead of them.

Have you considered that market share of people needing to make changes to what they thought was their future? Are you among them? This is why I'm suggesting you look at getting doTERRA working for you.

Who do you want to serve? As humans we were born to serve. The bible states it; society states it; we were raised by this philosophy. If we look at the world with some vision, we can see that a few things are changing. Let's take a peek........

Employers are needing to pivot on how they safe guard their working environments. How about a plan to introduce a great presentation like "wellness in the workplace"? Teaching employers to begin the practise of aromatherapy and the On-Guard hand wash and sanitizer in the restrooms.

If you really don't have passion for the business - it's okay - let's do a referral program, you refer someone to your enroller and they provide you with oils of your choice. I'll talk more about that in another edition. Please send me an email to let me know if you're interested in editions like this. If not, what do you want information about, using your oils with tips and recipes or DIY projects?

I want to know how to better serve you, I look forward to hearing from you.


I'm reminded by a video I saw five years ago from one of our founding members in doTERRA. You can see that video when you click on the highlighted name. Teresa, had a powerful realization that the oils with her niece, then a neighbor saw the vision of the company and the rest is history.

It was 2008 when doTERRA began; during some of the most devastating economic times we had seen in decades. Yet regardless our founders knew they had something people needed and wanted. Think about what has happened in the last twelve years. Or just in the last few months.

It's anticipated over the next five years that our industry "wellness" will expand to 15 billion. Workplace culture is already changing. Wellness in the workplace has been a mainstay for me for five years. Talking to employers about how to increase productivity and efficiency with the use of essential oils. Employees handle stress better, sick days decrease and workmen's comp claims decrease.

It's anticipated that the future will look more like the doTERRA campus in terms of the workplace. What that looks like, is a healthier and more productive place to work.

So if we simply follow the doTERRA culture will our future be better? In some ways I would agree with that statement. But I won't lie to you, it's going to take more than that.

First we must decide what we want the future to look like. When our focus becomes laser sharp, mountains move. Then we need to take the steps to create it. If you're thinking that sounds hard. You are probably right, if your thinking but is it possible? You are also right. It's all about our mindset and our beliefs. So what are you waiting for?

Begin your journey today - small, medium or reaching the highest pinnacle - the decision is yours. What will you decide?

What we do is What we believe

We believe every body has the ability to heal if we provide it with the tools, the mindset and the opportunity. Are you ready to give your body what it craves?