Hardy May 2-6

Cinco De Mayo Success

Mrs. Easterling brought in a festive Cinco De Mayo by having her students use tablets and student computers to go to Today's Meet to blog about Summary in a story. Students then worked as a group to collaborate and create a sentence about themes and stories. They finished up the activity with a Kahoot!!!! Fun and educational all at the same time. Way to go class!!!!

FREE Tech Tools of the Week

Edutone: Single Sign on for Students, Teachers, and Administrators to access resources. You only have to remember one password!!!

eBeam Tools: Create lessons and share them with colleagues and students.

Discovery Education: Video Streaming that can be broken down into segments for media instructional content.

Google Classroom: Share links, lessons, and activities with your students. This digital tool requires no paper and you can give your students grades from within the environment.

Our Very Own Twins

Couldn't help but share this cute picture!!!
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