Universal Studios

Where YOU are the star!

Join your favorite movie icons at the wonderful Universal Studios!

Nobody puts you in the limelight like Universal! Our various and well-crafted attractions make YOU the star of the movie, placing you right in some favorite scenes from our various films. Journey through cavernous passageways that lead deep underground as you climb aboard Harry Potter and The Escape From Gringotts. Careen and crash your way through Krustyland on the wild and hilarious The Simpsons Ride. Plunge into darkness on Revenge of The Mummy. See, hear and feel the action through the miracle of OgreVision on Shrek 4-D. Zap aliens to save the galaxy on the interactive ride Men In Black: Alien Attack. And Take Your Music for a Ride on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit!

Drop on by!

Monday: 7AM-11PM

Tuesday: 7AM-11PM

Wednesday: 7AM-11PM

Thursday: 7AM-11PM

Friday: 7AM-11PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 7AM-11PM

825 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Join the fun!

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Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates 50 Years of Movie Making Magic!