Mrs. Carlson's Weekly Newsletter

A Peek Into Our Week

The Life of Mrs. Carlson

This weekend was spent making final preparations for my twin brother's wedding this weekend! We will be traveling to Grand Rapids for the wedding celebrations!

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Thank you!

Thursday concluded parent teacher conferences. Thank you so much for coming! I truly enjoyed being able to sit down and discuss your child's progress this year. Thank you again for the constant support in your child's education!
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Reminders and Annoucements

Scholastic book fair is at school this week! Students will be able to preview and make purchases tomorrow Monday December 7th. The book fair will also be open after school if you would like to make purchases then.

Reading Log: Students should be logging 30 minutes of reading at least 4 days per week. After reading is complete students should fill out the reading log and have you initial.

*December Reading Log due: Friday December 18th


  • December 11th- Boys Sports Night- 6:30-8 in the small gym
  • Winter Break December 21st- January 3rd. School resumes Monday January 4th.

Odds and Ends

  • Magnets test in science on Thursday. Study guide will come home tomorrow. Study guide does not have to be returned.
  • Spelling Test and Homework due: this Friday December 11th
  • There will be a guest teacher on Thursday and Friday December 10th and 11th. I will be in Grand Rapids celebrating at my brother's wedding!
  • Math Unit 2 test Wednesday December 16th.

Late Start Dates:

December 9th

December 16th

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Did you book shop this week? What books are you currently reading in Reader's Workshop?
  • Did you check any books out of Mrs. Carlson's library this week? If not, try to find a book and bring it home this week!
  • Can you show me Place Value Sections and Short Cut method for 1,267x3, 22x87?
  • Tell me about your partnership book. What are you enjoying most about the story?
  • Tell me about character theories. Why are they important to use during your reading? What theories do you have about the characters in your book.
  • What can you tell me about magnets? How do they interact with each other? How to they interact with different materials?

  • Did you bring home your Friday Folder?
  • Can you share your planner with me?

This Week

  • In Math we started a new unit on multiplying larger numbers
  • Students learned several strategies to help them solve larger numbers: Place Value Sections, Expanded Notation, Algebraic Notation, Using Tens/Factor Tens and using the short cut/old school method.
  • Please see the pictures below to locate examples of each strategy.
  • Students should be able to use 1 strategy to multiply 1 x 2 digit, 1 x 3 digit, 1 x 4 digit, and 2 x 2 digit numbers.

Vocabulary to review:

  1. Arrays
  2. Area Model
  3. place value sections method
  4. tens/factor method
  5. expanded notation method
  6. algebraic notation
  7. short cut/old school method.

  • In Reading we continued learning about story elements. We have zoomed in our focus on Characters.
  • Students reviewed how to make and revise character theories. These theories are ideas that are based on what the character is saying and doing. Theories are revised as we learned more about our character. These theories help us better connect to the characters we are reading about.

Algebraic Notation

Watch the video below to see how to use Algebraic Notation Method to solve any multiplication problem.
Algebraic Notation Method

Next Week

READING: Unit 2- Character study/Diving into Story Elements with a focus on characters.

Students will...

  • continue partnership books and work on transferring skills from our mini-lesson into partnership books.

  • we will be focusing on creating and revising character theories, and using character patterns to learn more about their character.

  • students will practice skills using guided practice from our new read aloud: The Tiger Rising.

MATH: Unit 2 Multiplication Strategies

Students will...

  • continue to practice strategies for multiplying larger numbers
  • practice each strategy and then choose which strategy works best for them and why
  • practice making estimations before solving
  • practice solving multi step word problems by identifying important information.

SCIENCE: Unit 3- Magnetism and Electricity

Students will...

  • reflect on their learning by creating a word bank of important vocabulary and the definitions they have created for each vocabulary word.
  • review their learning about magnets and review the study guide for the assessment on Thursday.