What is Bioethics?

Bioethics is an activity, which is shared between multiple ethical issues (health science, health care, and health policy). All of these fields have ethical standards, which are handed down between all three of them without any questions from anyone located in these areas.
What is 'bioethics'?

How would your society define "legally human"

Our society would define a legal human as one that only had legal medical operations applied to him. These legal operations would be normal day operations or check-ups, surgery, and pills or medicine for ay sickness. If you were illegal you would have had something that would save that you were surely going to die like biogel that was inserted into Jenna, also anything that changed your way of thinking or brain power. Both of these illegal element's were both that happened to Jenna which would mean that Jenna was illegal in my society.

How would your society regulate the laws concerning bioethics?

Bioethics would not be allowed because it breaks the rules above and also some laws should regulate it should still be in law. Such would be to not allow some research because that would mean they might get to close to making an illegal human, but also it should be allowed to research because they could be able to find safer methods and more effective ways for the procedures.

What would the consequences be if someone broke these laws?

Nothing really informed in the book what would happen if you broke the laws, it just showed that they were scared. Were they scared of going to jail or death? What should really happen to the people should depend on how it happened. If the workers were forced to do the work by one man, and the one who was having the procedure on didn't chose, only the person who told everyone should be sentenced to jail, and pay the amount of money he gave to the workers in total. Same thing would happen if the workers chose to work, they would go to jail and pay twice the amount of money they had received from their pay. In any case the person who had the procedure will create his will and give his belongings away to certain people, if the workers didn't pay he would have to give the amount of money they didn't pay to the government. Then after this process thy will be put down harmlessly. He will not have a grave unless he had lived a life before this. If he had a life before this the family of him will not know of what happened and that he simply had a normal death.