We Shall Read Of NO Mice or Men

Help Ban John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"

Crude Language, Behavior, and ... Violence?!

       Although generaly thought to be an American CLassic, "Of Mice and Men", contains crude behavior of numerous characters as well as lacking obvious moral character in the protagnists. In addition, the novel reveals a rather "trigger happy" turn for violence, suggesting that such acts are accepted in everyday life. Most alarming, to an unconditoned eye, to this type of symbolistic writing, the final scene, where George shoots Lennie, could be easily misunderstood for reasons of most wicked, socombing thought.

The Opposition...

A profound, Story with Life Lessons?

Contrarary to the cause, some people feel that "Of Mice and Men" is an American classic that teaches life lesson such as freindship, trust, and self preservation. Although this may be, in the right light, true, the overwhelming negitive bits and peices of the novel massively outwiegh the postives. There are other, more refinitive books that provide similer benefits to the ones of "of Mice and Men", and are not in any way as explicit.

Fellowship of Safe Learning(FSL)

We feel the need to spread safe, progressive ways for Cherokee County Schools to learn. Most of the focus of the organization is centered around Literary cirriculum, however we will take interest in any subject that we feel needs attention of the matter. FSL strives to provide ideas, material, and finance to further develop a safe, functional learning envirnment.