Amazing Mega Ultra Sparkle Dragon

Made by: Floresent Lamp Battle Axe Co.


Has you child rejected any toy ou give them well we have the to for you The Amazing Mega Ultra Sparkle Dragon is an apposable action figure that your child can stlye and move in any way they please.


It Comes with a stage that allows the Amazing Mega Ultra Sparkle Dragon to do all sorts of poses with ease its also easy to make accesories for the absoulutly AMAZING MEGA ULTRA DRAGON You could put on your own dance show or fashoin runway! You can feed the AMAZING MEGA ULTRA SPARKLE DRAGON by buying its food(which is sold seperatly) other wise it will die forever until you buy the regeneration Orb (which is also sold seperatly)



You can Bring your Amazing Mega Ultra Sparkle Dragon to school to compare your dragon with your friend's dragon The Sparkle dragon has a battery in its Star that allows it to interact with other Sparkle Dragons makig the other dragons Star light up in different colors Pink=Love Blue=Sad Orange=Hungry Yellow=Scared Red=Hate


The AMAZING MEGA ULTRA SPARKLE DRAGON's Visual apperance makes children naturallly drawn to it Its the new craze your freind has it your neighbor has it your parents have it your teacher has it your principal has it your grandparents have it, Why not you?


Real people not actors said: "The amazing mega ultra sparkle dragon has changed my son's life he now has many friends"

"its definitly a 5 star product"