"Most Chivalrous Knight!"

by: Cyndi Rosenberger

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot, in my opinion, is the most Chivalrous Knight because he will do anything to protect King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Even thought Lancelot may have his quirks, like falling in love with Queen Guinevere he still puts his self in the face of danger. He is one of the nobelest of knights, and the best to ever serve under King Arthur.

Sir Lancelot's deeds as a Knight

Quest, adventures, deeds

Sir Lancelot was feeling horrible about his love for Guinevere that he decided to leave the kingdom in search for adventures. He wanted to be known as noble in another way, to do this he had to kill, save, and kill again. He set out to find beasts to slay and women to save. Myth has it, he came across a woman crying on the ground. He asked her what was wrong and she told him she was attacked by a knight. This angered Lancelot and he set out to challenge this knight and kill him. Once he did as promised, he reported back to the lady and asked him to tell Arthur of his heroic act.