Support the McIntyres

15 meals through November 24

Filled in less than 12 hours!

Update: God bless your generous cooking and baking hearts. All the meals for the McIntyres have been covered in less than 12 hours. Thank you so very much for responding to this request. Please keep the family in your prayers in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Our Wednesday, September 25, Larry McIntyre, Aquin class of 1981, passed away unexpectedly. His wife, Kathleen (Bormann), is also from the class of 1981. His daughter Madelyn will graduate this May in the class of 2020 and Mason is currently in the class of 2023.

Today, Aquin Junior-Senior staff and students attended Larry's funeral along with many of Larry's family, friends and community members. The show of support was tremendous and brought much comfort to the family.

As the McIntyres return to their daily routines, we don't want that support to end. A Mealtrain has been created to provide meals for the family as they need them through November 24. Mason and Madelyn are both active after school in Fall play rehearsals, volleyball practices/games and football practices/games in addition to their schoolwork.

If you're not familiar with Mealtrain, it is a platform that helps schedule and organize home-made meal giving for other people. The personalized site for the McIntyres can be accessed via the link below. Once in the site, you can see what days and times the meals are needed. If you are able to fill a need, complete the info in Mealtrain and then that need will be filled for others to see, so meals aren't duplicated too many times. If you have any questions on this, please let us know. Thank you in advance for your continued support of the McIntyres.

(Many thanks to Sarah DeMichele for setting this site up and to Allison Pierson for working with the McIntyres to make the schedule fit their needs.)

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