Famous missourians

Susan Eilzabeth Blow


Hi my name is Susan blow your going to learn about my family why im famous and my child hood i hope you enjoy

All about me

I was born on july 7 1843 in St.Louis my full name is Susan Elizabeth Blow i was the oldest and the first of six kids my edication was cut short from the civil war i loved reading and studing i joined a group of thinkers in st.louis so i could share my ideas with others i attended a privite school in new york

My Family

My father Is henry Blow and my mother is minvera blow my father was a healthy bussiness man who made his money in lead history . I loived in a missouri riverfront intill i was six years old

My Child hood

In my child hood my house burned down to the ground in 1849 because there was a great fire that killed alomst thousonds of people . Then I moved to Carondelet five miles from st.louis I fell in Love with a soldier


My first job was my first kindergarten public school it had 53 room. I taught children in the morning and teachers in the afternoon I retired in 1884 because I became sick

Why famous?

I am famous for being the first person to make a kindergarten school in St.louis

How Did I change the world

I changed the world by making sure everyone person get a good education and make sure that they will be smart kids

Fun facts

did you know that i was known as the mother of kindergarten and that i tortered my brother and sister


I died on march 27 at the age 72 To learn more about me go to biography.com and type my name is the search bar I hoped you enjoyed