Friends Magazine February 2013


Hello! This is the February 2013 Friends Magazine Newsletter and we chose to do it this way again, thanks to Mary Grace's idea! This newsletter is all about girls like you! We are going to feature "Tips to Have Friends", "Cute Crafts", and more! We hope you enjoy it!

Tips to Have Friends

We all want friends, right? No wonder this magazine is called Friends Magazine! We want you to have friends and enjoy other people! So here are some tips:

  • never try to be the boss of someone else
  • think of creative ways to bond
  • have sleepovers and playdates
  • don't spend to much time on your phone or any other thing that is electronic
  • be cute together
  • try not to get in to too much fights
  • invite someone you don't think has a lot of friends to your playdate (you will soon make them feel like they have a friend)

Cute Crafts

Do you have nothing to do? Have you tried reading a book or drawing a picture? We know what that feels like, so we wanted to give you a few craft ideas for those boring times!

  • make origami
  • create a book that you think will be a good read
  • look up cartoons on the computer and draw them
  • try to learn how to do abstract
  • paint a beautiful picture

Funny (and appropriate) YouTube Videos

We all know what YouTube is, right? Here are some videos that are appropriate and are hilarious that you can share with your friends:

  • Badgers
  • Dumb Ways To Die
  • Annoying Orange
  • The Duck Song 1, 2, 3
  • Nyan Cat
  • Stalker Cat
  • Sittin on the Toilet
  • Sweet Brown
  • Boo the Cutest Dog in the World

Fun Websites

Here are also some fun websites that will make you have a blast.


Thank You

As always, (and I know you get tired of it), we would like to thank the people that make Friends Magazine happen. also, maybe get a chance to email Mary Grace about this wonderful idea for a newsletter.