Class Strategies At Work

Mt. Carmel shares their talents!

Personalized Learning through Acceleration Collaboration and Engagement!

Mt. Carmel has begun the journey to personalizing learning for every child, every day. At Mt. Carmel, we believe that there is no limit to the heights a student can soar when they are involved in creating a learning path that is just right. Oh the P.L.A.C.E.S. we will go, personalizing learning for every child, every day.

Benefits of having multiple strategies

Not everything is for everyone. We hear that saying all the time, but what does it really mean in school? Every student is not a cookie cutter, or copy of other students. Each student learns differently, so they should be given the opportunity to absorb information in a way that is most comfortable for them. After students come across a strategy they feel comfortable with, they can become more successful.

Students learn from their teachers, but they also learn from interacting with their peers. If we combine multiple strategies with peer interaction, students can flourish and feel more comfortable working at their level at their individual pace.

Decimal Strategies

Students sharing strategies that work best for them...

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