Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Kayla Rodammer

Never worry about the final decisions when planning a funeral

Our family friendly funeral home facility will help you cope with the grief of a loved one as well as help you make the arrangements you loved one would have wanted

Different services

We have a array of services to help you through the difficult time of planning your loved ones funeral.



Different choices of Caskets n every price range

Floral arrangements with Voghts Flower shop

Different pastors who will do services

Cremation urns

memorial products

burial vaults

grave blankets

Grief Counsiling

Immediate family will have a consult with our grief counselors, which will help you conquer and understand the five stages of grief which entail: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, when looking at these stages each person goes through these stages differently and we are here to help (Leming, 2016).

Types of funerals

We gladly help in funeral planning for all cultures and religions, we always have access to the different things that anyone could want when planning a funeral. We also have rooms for any prayer, or family gatherings that can be helpful in your planning process.


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