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March 12, 2021

Todd's Tidbits

Hooch Families,

I am excited to let you know that most of our staff have signed up and/or already received their first round of vaccinations. Just a testament of the commitment that the Hooch Family has in getting all our students back to school face-to-face.

We are almost to Spring Break, so encourage your student to stay focused. Our teachers and staff stay committed to supporting them with just a few months remaining in the school year and as we look toward a true in person graduation of the Class of 2021!!

Partners in Education,

Dr. Mike Todd


ACT - March 30th

We have 301 students registered to take the ACT on March 30 starting at 8:15am and lasting through an early release scheduled for 12:45pm that day. Students will receive a confirming email by Tuesday of next week in their FCS email accounts with further instructions that must be followed promptly. Your student will need to establish a MyACT account at https://my.act.org/account/signin?location=https://my.act.org with an access code which we will supply and directions regarding devices. All of the ACTs administered on March 30 must be taken on a district supplied computer that is ready for the ACT digital exam.

Additionally, 9th graders that need academic assistance and/or are currently failing core classes such as Algebra 1 or Geometry, 9th Grade Language Arts, Biology, or Government will have the opportunity to come to school for the half day on March 30 so that they can get assistance in their area of need. Both F2F and Remote Learners can attend if they need assistance. We will be sending out a survey to our 9th grade families so that they can choose to have their student attend on March 30 or participate in asynchronous classes remotely. This is a GREAT opportunity to catch up on missed assignments, take recovery, and get additional instruction. More details will be forthcoming when the survey is sent to 9th grade families next week.

The only students that will be authorized to be in the building on March 30 are the ACT test takers and the 9th graders that have signed up to receive academic assistance that day. 9th graders will be assigned to a different section of the building than the ACT test takers and will release at 12:45 with those taking the ACT exam. Buses will run normally on the morning of March 30 and are scheduled to depart at 12:45pm. If needed, there will be a few buses available to take students home at 3:30pm if those students are given extra time on the ACT.

AP Exam Information

The district will be offering Face-to-Face/Paper&Pencil AP Exams during the May 3-17 testing window and an At-Home/Digital version of the AP Exams during the June 1-11 testing window.

Music Theory and all World Language AP exams are only available in the Face-to-Face/Paper&Pencil format and will be scheduled during the May 3-17 window based upon the actual date and test time provided by College Board.


We will be sending out a survey later this month that asks our students to select their AP testing preference this year. The default selection is Face-to-Face/Paper&Pencil. There are pros and cons to each of the two options. Students are encouraged to discuss any questions with their teachers.

All students enrolled in AP classes MUST ensure that their contact email in their College Board and AP Classroom account is their personal, sustainable email and NOT their FCS email. If students are having trouble updating their current account, they must contact College Board at https://pages.collegeboard.org/account-help to get the issue resolved and are NOT to establish a new College Board account at this time.

Additionally, all AP students will need to ensure that their computers are compliant with College Board specifications to accommodate the At-Home/Digital version of the exam even if they plan on taking the Face-to-Face/Paper&Pencil version since the At-Home/Digital version in June will be used as a makeup opportunity in case the F2F exam date is missed for any reason.

More information will be sent out regarding AP Exams in the coming weeks.

Counseling Corner

Dual Enrollment for 2021/2022 school year

March 31st is the deadline for completing the Fulton County Schools Dual Enrollment Contract and applying to the college (only exception is the application to GA Tech which doesn’t open until May 15th). Those two things must be done by March 31st or else you will not able to participate in Dual Enrollment next school year.

All directions for the application process are in Naviance (students log into Classlink -> Naviance -> Important To-Dos and Tasks on the left -> See All in My Planner -> Tasks Assigned to Me -> Tasks You Need to Work On). Once students complete Step 1 - DE Interest Form, the rest of the tasks will be added to their Naviance account the following school day. Please carefully read all of the instructions in each Step – some students are missing items or not clicking on links!

We will have one last virtual Q&A session on March 30th from 4:00 to 5:00 pm on Teams. A link to the meeting will be sent out as we get closer to the date. For answers to most questions, our Dual Enrollment website https://chsmowr.weebly.com has detailed info as well as links to the previous power points and videos of recorded meetings.

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Survey for AP/Georgia Milestones Exam Participation

This year, Fulton County Schools (FCS) will continue to offer a variety of state and national assessments to help us better understand how our students are performing. The State of Georgia is moving forward with administering the Georgia Milestones to all students in grades 3-8 and high school students taking Algebra I, US History, Biology, or American Literature (grade 11). The College Board has also announced multiple options for students to complete this year’s AP Exams. Please click here and complete this survey to help us prepare for spring testing. We would like to know if your child will participate in the Georgia Milestones and how he/she would like to take the AP Exams. We are also collecting information on student devices. The survey will be open until Friday, March 19. Our goal is for ALL FCS students to respond to the survey, including those learning face-to-face and those learning remotely.


Fulton County Summer School

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Summer School is an opportunity for students to clear incompletes from Spring 2020-Spring 2021, accelerate, or recover credits during the time between school years. As part of the FOCUS plan to address pandemic-created learning loss, Fulton County Schools is expanding its summer school offerings this year by offering both Face-to-Face and Virtual learning options.

Face-to-Face summer school offers students the opportunity to clear incompletes and to address any unfinished learning due to COVID. Students who are invited to summer school will receive a letter and registration information from their school. Virtual school is for 9th-12th grade students who need to clear incompletes, retake failed courses, or accelerate learning by taking a course for the first time.

Face-to Face Session #1

June 7-24

Face to Face Session #2

July 1-22

Fulton Virtual School

June 2-July 14

There will be two sessions of face-to-face Summer School: Session 1 is June 7-24 and Session 2 is July 1-22. High school students will have the choice to attend either one or both sessions. Face-to-face summer school will be provided to eligible students free of charge.

Virtual summer school for June 2-July 14. Students may retake up to 2.0 credits through Fulton Virtual School free of charge. Additional courses and acceleration require tuition.


½ Credit = $225 ($180 with free / reduced meal status) per course

1 Credit = $450 ($360 with free / reduced meal status) per course

Breakfast and lunch will be served for all face-to-face summer school students and snacks provided in the afternoons for ESY students.

Registration opens March 12 and closes on May 28.

Students with IEPs who will require special education transportation per his/her IEP should register no later than April 23 for Session 1 and Session 2 to ensure the child’s route is in place for the first day of summer school.

We look forward to continuing to provide educational opportunities to your students during the summer months. Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


Upcoming home athletic events:

Outdoor event capacity is 1047 for the stadium and 200 for baseball.

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Administrators and Department Chairs

Jonathan Adel - ELA and Fine Arts
David White; ELA; Whitedp@fultonschools.org

Lori Buonamici; Fine Arts; BuonamiciL@fultonschools.org

Garin Berry - Math, PE, World Language, and TAG
Terri Engelberth; Math; Engelberth@fultonschools.org

Chris Short; PE; ShortC@fultonschools.org

Nadia Ali; World Language; Aliahmady@fultonschools.org

Amanda Wile; TAG; Wile@fultonschools.org

Gwen Harris - Science and CTAE

Matt Mihordea; Science; Mihordea@fultonschools.org

Kylie Dayton; CTAE; Daytonk@fultonschools.org

Ingrid Parham - Social Studies and IRR
Tim Reeder; Social Studies; Reedert@fultonschools.org

Jeanne Dongieux; IRR; Dongieux@fultonschools.org

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