Major Religions

Christianity, Judaism, hinduism, Buddhism, islam


  • Beliefs: they believe in peace and karma.
  • Rituals: making tea and meditating
  • History:Buddha was the name of the guy who started this religion
  • Gods: non- theistic
  • Holy book: tipitaka
  • Major holidays: buddhas birthdate


  • Beliefs:the guy was A major prophet but not the Son of God
    He taught to—Lived a sinless life—Taught people the Golden Rule—Didn’t die on cross but was taken to heaven by Allah
  • Rituals: animal sacrifice, charity, purification, pillmigrage, fasting prayers
  • History: mohamed was a big part in islamic history
  • Gods: allah monotheisic
  • Holy book: quaran
  • Major holidays: maw lid alnabi


  • Beleifes: Hindus believe in a one, all-pervasive Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, both Creator and Unmanifest Reality.
  • Rituals: domestic worship
  • History:oldest religion in the world
  • Gods:Ganesha, shiva, krishna. They have 320 million gods. Polytheistic
  • Holy book:koran
  • Major holiday:holi and Diwali


  • Beliefs:The major belief of Judiasm is that there is but one G-d. The same one that made a covenant with Abraham that he would be their G-d and the Jews would be his people. They believe the the 'old' testament.

  • Rituals:Sabbath, Kosher food laws, prayers, Torah-reading, learning the Torah and Talmud, charity, avoiding slander or violence, the Holy Days and festivals, etc.
  • History: Formed in c 2000 bce
  • Gods: Abraham monotheistic
  • Holy book: torah
  • Major holidays:honika is a major one


  • Beliefs: jesus died for sins
  • Rituals: going to church
  • History: jesus was in greece
  • Gods:jesus
  • Holy book:bible
  • Major holidays:christmas and easter