Lasik Eye Surgery

Millions Said Goodbye To Glasses With Lasik Eye Surgery!

Summary: We should be keeping abreast of new technologies, especially if they can be of personal benefit. Imagine a lifetime of freedom from glasses and lenses along with all the expense and hassle? The Lasik-assisted In Situ Keratomileusis can correct near and far sightedness, astigmatism too, through a delicate little surgery to correct the shape of the cornea.

Start believing in the seemingly impossible! The eye surgeon mumbai knows many tricks to bring happiness, peace and convenience to a range of ophthalmic problems that have become more and more common in modern life. Is that merely another sales gimmick? The Lasik impact lasts a lifetime in most cases. However, changes in the eye can occur later and that is why children should not get the treatment. Going by the statistics of numbers, a great majority succeed in getting vision problems corrected and let us be optimistic.

Cornea shaping is not completely new either with experiments going on for fifty years. Lasik has certain advantages over excimer laser photorefractive keretectomy (PRK) that came earlier. Lasik uses the microkeretome instrument to bring change to the cornea shape by creating a tiny flap under which the laser treatment is done. Faster recovery takes place because re-healing is not required like in PRK.

Go in for lasik eye surgery without hesitation. Controversies abound about the treatment and some reports online indicate that it is full of dangers. Of course, nobody wants to fool around with something as delicate as the eyes. The industry in Mumbai advertises a range of eye surgeries and Lasik itself has several variations.

The big question is whether Lasik would be suitable in your case. To answer that important question, the lasik surgery clinic will conduct several tests. As a result of the tests, it will be understood whether you can achieve 20/20 vision (quantitative) and whether the surgery is safe, especially in the context of the future (qualitative). Some tests may be wavefront analysis, dry eye test, night vision issues, topography test etc. Many variations of Lasik exist and a sincere doctor will prescribe the best procedure in your case. The painless procedure quickly restores normal professional life though medications continue for a while and healing is completed within a month.

Thus, no standard prices are advertised since individual cases differ and would require pricing accordingly. Initial tests would cost money too and estimates indicate that the final cost for both eyes may reach Rs. 50,000, tentatively speaking. If the cost abroad lies in the range of 4000 to 6000 euros, the Mumbai treatment would certainly be more affordable.

Most people delay what would bring a new lease of life and lasik surgery mumbai may turn out to be the opportunity of a lifetime. Embrace the new medical technology that has changed human lives forever. We no longer hesitate when it comes to handling crucial health issues that can mean the difference between life and death. Lasik is not as serious as an organ transplant but can bring so much happiness to daily life. Get rid of vision problems for a lifetime and enjoy unblemished transparency in the twin heavenly eyesight that reveals natural wonders at every instant.