By: Sean Halko & Darren Rimlinger

Where Ancient Roman Gladiators Heroes or Victims

This question raises a good argument. There are many great points to argue over. In this project we will explain what we think about this question.

Our Questions

  • Who could become a gladiator?
  • Was being a gladiator a punishment or an honor?
  • Did people volunteer to be gladiators?
  • Could women be gladiators?
  • When you became a gladiator was there a way to become free again?
  • How did the Citizens view them?
  • What did the Gladiators wear?
  • Were the Gladiators trained?
  • How were they trained?
  • What did the Gladiators fight?
  • What did the Gladiators fight with?

Article One

“Who were the Ancient Roman Gladiators?”

- Most gladiators were recruited from the ranks of criminals who had lost their citizenship rights, as well as slaves and prisoners of war, who had no rights whatsoever.

-They did not receive the choice of choosing that position.

-However, some men, who did have their citizenship rights and were considered free-born, gave themselves up to be Gladiators.

-This was done by swearing an oath to their master and gladiatorial troupe.

-Doing this would ensure that they are willing to endure the punishment and other things that would come along with the job. This may have included death.

Article Two