Volcanoes On Rage

Don't mess with volcanoes

Description and Cause

We all know the stories, about you know volcanoes and how they are mountains

of rage and fury that spew out molten lava that have

traveled from the debts of the under world. I mean why all that trouble traveling

from the center of the earth just to come out of a hole in the ground. What a waste of time and effort!

Now the sophisticated cause off this catastrophic event is the separation of tectonic plates that allows molten lava to spew out onto the surface burning everything in its path.

Impact on the environment

When molten lava is spewed out of a volcano it travels down the volcano and onto the ground usually burning its way through forests destroying animal habitats, killing plants nd animals, but also destroying towns and cities. Their is a a positive side to this though it creates fertile soil and gives a new chance for plants.

Ways to stay safe

  • Stay a safe distance away from any active volcano
  • If you are close to a active volcano make sure you have a fast way of transportation
  • In case of being next to a steaming volcano do not breath in the toxic fumes
  • Have a supply kit just in case, include a first aid kit, bottled water, clothes, and canned food maybe even a couple hundred dollars.
  • Know an evacuation route.

Common locations

  • Hawaii
  • along the Ring Of Fire
  • Bahamas
  • along coast of islands of the pacific ocean
Momotombo Volcano Erupting at Night with Several Small Volcanic Lightning Discharges

Explosive facts about volcanoes

  • between 10 to 20 volcanoes erupt everyday
  • the word volcano comes from the name of the roman god of fire"Vulcan"
  • the most active volacano on earth is in antartica an spews crystals

Ways you can help