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@ Lincoln & The ELC - Start of the Year Newsletter

Kindergarten ASQ Family Night @ The ELC

Tuesday, Aug. 27th, 5:30pm

712 Jefferson Street

Fredonia, KS

Kindergarten Parents: Let us feed your family Tuesday night. Parents will get to fill out an important data collection tool for Kindergartners while the rest of your family gets to play and everyone gets to eat. Please help us get this important information and join in for some outdoor food and fun!

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Walk in their Shoes Night @ Lincoln Elementary-Childcare provided

Tuesday, Aug. 27th, 6:30-7:30pm

713 North 9th Street

Fredonia, KS

This event is being held so parents/guardians can get an understanding of the changes in grading and grade cards as we move to standards-based grading at Lincoln. Parents will start out in their child's homeroom at 6:30 PM and meet for 15 minutes. If you have a second child, you will rotate at 15 minutes and visit their classroom, or go to a specials teacher (PLTW, Music, PE) to visit with them about how standards-based grading will look in that particular class. We will have four 15 minute periods for you to make the rounds. You do not have to stay for the entire hour, but can if you choose. We hope you can make it to this worthwhile learning opportunity. Remember, we will have seniors providing childcare.

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Principal's Note

I think this background is fitting with the year that is upon us. We have been challenged by Dr. Randy Watson, the commissioner of education, and our state board to help Kansas lead the world in education! This all came about just a few years ago when the state board went across the state talking to industry and communities about what they think education should look like. The results showed that non-academic skills are every bit as important as the academic skills your students work on each and every day. The board used the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the moon landing to challenge us to launch our own moonshot in Fredonia and redesign the way education looks. The challenge was taken up a year ago in what many of you may have heard called our "Gemini II" redesign. After countless hours of extra time spent by teachers in planning how they wanted education to look, it is time for Fredonia to launch. You will see three main initiatives this year at our buildings of Lincoln and the ELC. The first one we piloted last January was "family time." The joining of students of varying grade levels is being done to help continue to build our culture and give students a chance to build relationships across grade levels. It was a favorite last year of students and will be a focus this year. Going along with "family time" is a new social-emotional curriculum called Second Step. Our school board has invested in the emotional well-being of our students in a big way, and our teachers will be on the front line making sure all students learn these important skills of coping and managing the emotions that come up whether at home or in school. Finally, our staff was in agreement that they wanted students and parents to understand the standards students need to master in order to move onto the next grade level. Teachers worked all year to adjust their grade cards to be able to show where students were in their mastery of the different standards assessed. We will be having a night this Tuesday where you can come to school and meet with your child's teachers as well as their specials teachers to see how standards-based grading will look as we get started in this school year. Please come with an open mind and your questions as we launch for the benefit of all our students here in Fredonia. See you then!

Tim Woodcock

August 25-October 16 Calendar

August 27

5:30 PM Kindergarten ASQ Night @ The ELC

6:30 PM Walk in their Shoes Night @ Lincoln Elementary

September 2


September 3

5:30-6:30 PM 5th & 6th Grade Feature Night

September 6

8:00 AM RiseNShine @ LES

September 10

5:30-6:30 PM Blockfest Session 1 @ ELC

7:00-8:00 PM Blockfest Session 2 @ ELC

7:00 PM BOE Meeting

September 16

NO SCHOOL-Staff Development

September 18

9:00 AM 3rd Grade Water Festival @ Old Iron Club

September 26

Old Iron Days Field Trips

September 27

NO SCHOOL-1/2 Day Staff Development & 1/2 Day Work Day

September 30

10:15 AM Skeeter the Clown @ ELC

10:45 AM Skeeter the Clown @ Lincoln

4:00-8:00 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 1

5:30 PM Community Baby Shower @ ELC

October 2

4:00-8:00 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 3

8:00 AM Lincoln & ELC Fall Pictures

October 4


October 10

11:00 AM ELC Fall Cookout

October 11

8:00 AM RiseNShine

11:10 Lincoln Fall Cookout

October 14

1:30 PM Laser Science Show @ Lincoln

October 16

9:00 AM 6th Grade Conservation Field Day @ Old Iron

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Fifth & Sixth Grade Met with an Architect!

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Counselor's Corner

Hello everyone! This is Matt Fischer, the elementary school counselor, and once again I will have a little section in the school’s monthly newsletter. An amazing thing happened this week, THE KIDS CAME BACK TO SCHOOL! It was awesome to see all the smiling faces and hear the laughter in the hallways as we get back to a school routine. I’m really excited about this year!

Among with some of the changes this year, we’re also changing the way we do our guidance program. This year, instead of me teaching guidance lessons, teachers will be teaching social emotional lessons and I have set up small group sessions. These small group sessions will allow students to come together once a week in a group and discuss issues like self-esteem, grieving, friendships and even how to be a leader in their school, home and community environments. Students, with their parents help, just need to pick which group they think will be most beneficial to them and bring me the form. The forms will be available in my office and soon each teacher will have them available as well. To find out more about this, email, call or stop by and see me and I can answer any questions you have or even give you a form to fill out.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the year and I can’t wait to see how awesome this year is going to be!

Mr. Fischer

Get Your Motor Running! Always one of my favorite pics of the year at the ELC!

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