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Hello Black Bear Family!

Wow... the year is coming to an end fast and furious! Please know that we have many exciting activities approaching. Feel free to engage in any of them. We appreciate your support and would love to have you engage.

As you know, testing time is fastly approaching, we ask the following of our parents...

- Children are present daily!

- If possible, please do not schedule doctors appointments during the school day,

- Get to school on time

- Get plenty of rest

- Eat a good breakfast

We have faith that our students will perform well with your support.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Anita A. Clarke

Student Council Service Project... Friday, March 6 --- Books to DCS Kindergarteners

AMS Student Council, Ambassadors, and Principal's Council will be delivering books to every kindergartner within our district on Friday, March 6. Our Student Council raised funds via Candy Grams to support this fundraiser. We are extremely proud our students.

The students raised over $1,000 to purchase these books and promote reading within our district.

"March Madness" Million Word Reader Challenge.... March 2 - April 6

OKAY Parents.... We NEED YOU! We are competing against Decatur Middle School in a Million Word Challenge. The winner will receive bouncies, food, music and fun on the lawn. The Challenge is sponsored by Decatur City Schools Foundation & Team Freeze.

Specifications of the Middle Word Challenge:

The window for the enhanced challenge is March 2 - April 6.

2. The # of words will be divided by the # of students enrolled.

3. Students must earned a minimum of 80% accuracy in order for their words to be counted.

4. Only those students that meet 80% accuracy will allowed to attend the celebration.

Please encourage your child to be active in this competition and to read nightly. The AR Portal will be open after school hours and students can take and AR test in room. Let's get them pumped and ready to WIN!

Governor Kay Ivey's Visit.... March 9

Governor Kay Ivey will be visiting AMS and Decatur Career Academies on Monday, March 9. She will be visiting Mrs. Kudlas' class (AMS Green Power & Technology Teacher) in particular to observe a STEM program called Learning Blades in action. This is honor to have her visit with us.

Thank you Mrs. Kudlas for embracing this curriculum to enhance STEM for our students.

Course Verification for 2020-21


Incoming 5th Graders course verifications will be sent home this week (March 2-6). Any changes or requests are due by March 13th.

6th graders received course verifications today. Any changes or requests are due by March 13th.

7th graders received course verifications from AJHS today. Changes or requests are due by this Friday, March 6th.

Report Card Distribution.... March 20

Report cards will distributed Friday, March 20.

American Heart Association Student - Faculty Basketball Game - Friday, March 27

Preparedness Letter Reminder from DCS...

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Revised DCS "Anti-Vaping" Policy

Parents please take a moment and review the revised Anti-Vaping Policy. Vaping has become a major concern across the nation, namely for our children. AMS held Class Meetings to discuss this revised policy January 7. Each student was given a letter to bring home for your viewing and discussion. The letter emphasizes the serious health risks of vaping and the consequences that will be enforced if your child has possession of or uses a vapor at school.

Revised "Anti-Vaping" New Policy reads as follows:

Decatur City Schools notified students and families at the beginning of the 2019-20 year that we considered "vaping" to be a serious health concern and stronger repercussions would be implemented for students found vaping. During the first semester, students found in possession of or using a vaping device were assigned to in-school suspension (ISS). However, that punishment did not seem to deter many of our students who elected to engage in this harmful practice. After a discussion with students, parents, and administrators, it was recommended that discipline for vaping offenses include an assignment to our Center of Alternatives to Suspension (CAS). Therefore, beginning in January of 2020, DCS Administration will be assigning CAS to those students found using or in possession of vaping devices.

Again, as being reported in the news, vaping is causing serious health issues around our nation. We do not wish to see any of students negatively impacted by either direct exposure or second hand exposure to these products. Please help us and discuss the dangers of vaping and the consequences of vaping at school with your student.

Thank you for your support!

Calendar of Events...

March 4 - 6 - Dauphin Island Field Trip

March 6 - Student Council Service Project

March 6 - Verifications for 7th Grade due to AJHS

March 9 - Governor Kay Ivey's Visit

March 13 - Million Word Reader Lunch

March 13 - Student of the Month presentation

March 13 - Verifications for incoming 6th and present 6th graders due to AMS

March 14 - DI Competition @ Bob Jones

March 14 - GreenPower Competition

March 20 - Report card Distribution

March 27 - Heart Association - Student/Faculty Basketball game

March 30 - April 3 - Spring Break

ACAP Testing window ------- April 6 - May 1... Please make sure that your child is present daily.



March 2 - AMS vs Muscle Shoals @ 4:30pm

March 4 - AMS @ Hartselle @ 4:30pm

March 5 - AMS vs Athens @ 4:30pm


March 2 - AMS @ Athens Middle @ 4:30pm (A)

March 3 - AMS @ Sparkman @ 5pm (A) - Girls

March 3 - AMS @ Hartselle @ 6pm (A) - Boys

March 5 - AMS vs. Florence @ AHS @ 4:30pm

March 9 - AMS vs. West Morgan @ AHS @ 4:30pm

March 12 - AMS vs. Decatur Middle @ AHS @ 4:30pm


March 2 - AMS @ East Limestone Middle @ 4:30pm (A)

March 5 - AMS vs Ardome @ 4:30pm (H)

March 6 - AMS @ Hartselle @ 4:30pm

March 9 - AMS @ Priceville @ 4:30pm

March 13 - AMS vs. Lawrence County @ 4:30pm

Baseball season kicks off sweep against DMS Red Raiders!

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"Shout out" to our Boys Chorus... traveled to Montevallo

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Future City Competed @ US Space & Rocket Center - Placed in Landscaping

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A few Pics from our Black History Program...

Million Word Readers Monthly Lunch....24 and Counting!


Incoming 5th Grader course verifications will be sent home this week (March 2-6). Any changes or requests are due by March 13th.

6th graders received course verifications today. Any changes or requests are due by March 13th.

7th graders received course verifications from AJHS today. Changes or requests are due by this Friday, March 6th.

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