The Little Rebel- Betsy Ross

BY: Mariya Perry & Makayla Mason

Betsy Ross

Name of individual: Betsy Ross

When born: January 1, 1752

Where born: Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

When died: January 30,1836

Family Life

Parents(Samuel and Rebecca Griscom)

Siblings- 16 siblings

Status-Middle class

Quaker religion

Mother was a teacher at a Quaker school


Attend Quaker schools

Learned sewing and other crafts common in her day.

Friends public school



Shop manager

Apprentice to a upholster

Upholstery(made flags as part of her business)

Family business


Interesting facts

Was apart of the Quaker religion

1st husband John Ross (wasn't Quaker)

Expelled from her Quaker meetings

Owned her own family business

Has a bridge named after her in Philadelphia

Additional information

Her husband died guarding for the revolutionary resistance

She was married three times

Gave business to her daughter when she died

british or colonist

Colonist's side

Role played in the Revolution

Flag tailor

Made the flags and battle flags

Major actions the betsy was involved in

Created the first untied states of America flag

Made-battle flags during revolutionary war

Helped nurse both British soldiers

Stayed inside her house while Americans where fighting on the streets

Made dresses for loyalist women (women who were loyal to England)

Repaired the uniforms of British soldiers

Secretly sent badly needed food, Medicine, and clothing to American soldiers nearby Valley Forge

Beliefs/Ideas of this person that influenced the revolution

She suggested using the more easily made five-pointed stars instead of six stars

The familiar stars and stripes with the stars formed in a circle Betsy even influenced the design of this iconic flag

Congress chose Betsy's design of this iconic flag and she embarked on a flag making business for the government for the next 50 years

Important Accomplishments

Made the first flag of the united states of America

When the continental army suffered at valley Forge She would sneak food over to them.

Role played after the Revolution

Married John Claypoole and had two daughters.

Joined the society of free Quakers.

Loss most of her family to the yellow fever.

Kept making flags for states that asked her to.

Lasting Legacy

Sewing the first American Stars and stripes flag.