by Scott Westerfeld


In the future, cities have separated in order to keep peace. In most cities, others, everyone is born as a Littlie and live with their parents. Then when they turn twelve, they become Uglies and live in dorms. Finally, 16 year olds undergo an operation to become so-called "Pretty." New Pretty Town is a downtown island with lots of mansions, cliques, and parties. Everyone dreams of being a Pretty. Then, several years later, another operation is done to make you look older and wiser, but still pretty. These Middle Pretties get married and start having Littlies of their own. When their Littlies become Uglies, yet a third operation is done, so Late Pretties can spend the rest of their long life out in Crumblyville.

Tally, the main character, cannot wait for her first operation either. Then Tally meets Shay, they become friends, and Shay tries to convince Tally that the operation isn't all what it seems. After several days, Shay escapes the city. But on Tally's way to the hospital for the operation, a vicious Pretty named Doctor Cable stops her and makes her decide: Leave the city to find and betray Shay, with the promise to turn pretty afterwards, or stay in the city where it's safe, but stay Ugly forever?

A Wonderful Trilogy

For those of you who like futuristic, dystopian, or post-apocalyptic books, this is a book that you should try. If you like(d) the first book (Uglies), try the sequel, Pretties, and the third book, Specials. They continue with Tally's adventure on finding the truth about the operation and the world.

Some Other Characters

Please Read!

I highly recommend you to read this book! It's for people who like adventures, dramas (slightly), and post-apocalyptic utopian/dystopian books. There's also a book called "Bogus to Bubbly," (shown on right), which is a guide to the Uglies world.

Finally, I have found a book trailer shown below. It's really short and I do not own it. Thanks for reading!

UGLIES - Official book trailer