Gods gone wild!!!

By Mackenzie Kelley

persephone kidnapped!

One week ago a kidnapping took place,when Hades lashed out and kidnapped Persephone.he then took her to the underworld to live with him. Demeter did not like this and shows evidence of still holding a grudge, for she started to let the earth die. Zeus went to Demeter to get her to stop,she was killing the mundanes. Zeus said that he would help her find her daughter. Demeter finally found a lead from a prince who saw the crime take place and set out to find Helious who sees all. Helious confirmed this massage and Hermes was sent to the underworld to get Persephone back. There was a catch though if she had eaten any food from the underworld she would not be able to return. Meanwhile Persephone was a guest in the underworld and was to sad to eat or drink,but when she herd that she could go home she was overjoyed. So when Hades gave her the four pomegranate seeds she thought he was being nice and took the gift. Persephones world came to a standstill when her mother herd the news and she revealed that she could not leave. Zeuse feared that all mundanes would die if Demeter could not we her daughter, so it was decided that Persephone would spend four months with Hades and the rest with her mother. Yesterday a conference was held with the gods to discuss the matter. Hades Persephone and Demeter were sitting together, acting like good friends but some deeper emotion was detected when they were seen glaring at eachother.
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