Family Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Breen

What is a typical day like for a Family Nurse Practitioner?

The typical day starts out by arriving 30 minutes early to prepare for the day. "My appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments for routine follow-up visits and illnesses and 30 minute increments for routine physicals and GYN exams" says FNP Maryellen. She usually leaves around 6. FNP Maryelllen works 4 days per week, each day is an 8 hour work day. For most of the day you are on your feet, however sometimes you will be at a desk.

What are the responsibilities of a FNP?

Being that a family nurse practicioner is an advanced practice registered nurse, many of their responsibilities are the same. A FNP is responsible for making charts, develooping a treatment plan for acute and chronic cases, conduct exams, prescribe medications, and emphasize preventative care and disease management.
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Education requirements for a family nurse practitioner

- Pursue a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) or a related degree (4 years)

-Become an registered nurse (RN) and get experience (1 – 2 years).

-Pursue a graduate degree in nursing (1.5 – 4 years).

-Get certified by specialty and/or state nursing boards (timeline varies).

-Maintain FNP licenses, registrations, and certifications (timeline varies).


A Family nurse practitioner makes around 91,000 annually. There is alot of flexibility in the job.

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