Mrs. Fletcher's Class Newsletter

March 27, 2016

Important Dates

March 28th (Monday)-You must send in field trip money and permission forms with your child in the morning. Our secretary needs to place a purchase order on Monday. If you do not bring the money or forms, your child will have to stay home with you.

March 29th-Picture order due

March 29th-30th-STAAR testing/Closed Campus per TEA regulations

April 1st-Nelson Fun Run 8:00 a.m.

What are we learning?

Reading-We will be working on cross-checking (does it look right, sound right and make sense?) and identifying the topic and details of a non-fiction text.

Word Work-Reviewing sight words/introducing the "ing" blend and "ip" word family.

Writing-Working on the research process so accurate facts can be written in our own non-fiction texts. What questions do I have about my topic? What people or sources can answer these questions?

Math-Working with teen numbers and comparing quantities. One game we are playing is double compare. Students will each turn over 2 cards, add the numbers together and decide who has more or less.

Science-We will begin our unit of study on pond habitats.