Media Literacy

What is that?

#1. Media is Everywhere

Media literacy is a course that is replacing British literature because it is more relevant to our lives. Social media and other types of media are in our everyday lives so it is better for us to learn more in depth about those topics. In media literacy we learn about how the media is manipulative and controlling in our lives. You would never think about how big of an impact it has on your life until you step back to take a look at the big picture. The media its self is how just a really big version of high school. Its where there are high/ important people and then lo and average people. The higher people are really good at manipulating everyone into thinking like them. It is important to be media literate because that way you can see how the media is acting in your life and how it is manipulating your life. By being media literate you can also avoid some fairly large negative effects that the media could have on your life.

What is a Dystopia

#3. Dystopia




  1. an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.

Dystopia: fake, scary, mystery, horror

Fake: In a dystopia things aren't real and they are made to look more cruel than they actually are.

Scary: A major characteristic of a dystopia is that is scary and almost creepy

Mystery: In the background of a dystopian work there is a little bit of mystery in what is really happening and why it is happening which adds to the creep factor of the work.

Horror: Many horror films or novels have a dystopian base because of there unreal scary effects.

A recent dystopia i have read about is the book The Uglies. This is a dystopia because it is a fake world that changes people from there natural being to an unreal beautiful person through surgries and brain alterings.

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#4. Somthing Wiked This Way Comes

Segearnt: As sparrows eagles, or the hare the lion.

Shakespear added the porter because it showed special emotional effect of the situation and had an funny vibe about it. Although it was funny he had an ironic senc eabout it becauseof what he was taking about abd his position in the play. Malcolm and Donalbain decide to run away after they think people will blame them for the kings death. This is smart becasue they both run off in different direction so theycan't find both of them.

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#5. Is a Dystopian Future Inevitable?

We are living in a world of opinions. opinion means that is comes from your mind and it is whatever you think. The thing about opinions are everyone has one and everyone has a different one. If you were to ask my grandpa he would say we are living in a dystopia that is economically going downhill into a dictatorship. If you ask someone else they might say we are living in a time that is only improving. if you ask me, i think we are living in a time that has plateaued. every now and then we get a peek of excitement but for the most part our lives are staying the same and are going unchanged. The only thing in our society that could be impacted negatively is the fact the technology is slow beginning to take over us. People are letting the new advances in technology control how they think and even some of which what they do.

#5. How to Avoid Dystopia

To avoid a dystopia world of destruction and hating each other people in society people need to learn that everyone has an opinion and not everyone is right but also no ones is wrong. The world we live in is so destructive because everyone has an opinion that they think is suppuration to everyone else opinion. To fix this and stopping our word from crumbling people need to understand the important of everyone opinion.

#2. Coca- Cola Rhetorical Precis

Coca-cola in their commercial "Going All the Way" suggest that by drinking coca-cola you will have outstanding energy and athletic ability to run a distance to where you belong in life. Coca- cola demonstrates this idea by having a young boy get chosen to play on an older football team and has him run a touchdown, after getting the touchdown he continues running all across town ending up on the Green Bay Packers field with a Coke. In order to have a more effective point the commercial used a young boy instead of an older man because kids are more known for having dreams and wanting to pursue those dreams. The intended audience of this commercial are kids and young teens because it is trying to tell them if they dink coke they can become anything and go anywhere, Coca-cola uses an inspirational tone as the kid runs all cross town to get to the stadium.

Final Smore

Taking media literacy has made me realize many things. The first is that we live in a very corrupt world that is only getting crazier. The second is that, even if Gwinnett County doesn’t believe me, you cannot base an entire class off the internet and make it completely dependent on that. We are advancing in technology very quickly but we are not to this point in understanding it yet. The last thing I learned is that you should never take a course as they are altering it. It is best to wait to take that class until the course and curriculum guide lines are more laid out and set in stone. This class was much unorganized in the sense that nothing we talked about really made sense or connected to one another. That is nobody’s fault, it’s just the fact that the course is changing to fast. The freakonomics book was the only real work I can connect to media literacy because all it talked about was this world we live in and how it’s changing and fixating on curtain people. The only real thing to do about this class to fix it is to understand the assignments that are graded verse assignments that are to just to help the students understand the material. Many assignments this semester were either not graded, never put in the grade book, or put in last minute. This whole semester has been a breeze because no grades were being put in so everybody thought they had a good final grade in this class. However last minute in the semester grades were all of a sudden put in, dropping people’s grades and causing mass chaos. Because of this teachers went crazy, students went crazy, and work started piling up the last week that should have been taken care of months ago.

The video “Pale Blue Dot” made me think a lot about our world verse everybody’s worlds. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me I just stay in my own little space. I have this world of my own and that’s it. I never really think about anyone else having a little world or jus through we are all actually in the same world. Seeing the whole world from the outside makes you think about everything that is actually happening in this world. People say they done worry about what happens in other countries because it’s not where they live so why matter right? Well really it is where they live. We all live on the same little world so isn’t it everyone’s job to take care of it and take care of each other. I want to leave this plant trying to show that to people. I want to teach people that we as a nation spend too much time fighting each other and need to focus on helping each other and depending on each other to help protect the world that keeps us safe. I want to see a world that is there for each other and can lean on each other for support and safety. As I move on with my life I want to be able to travel the world to show different people and different cultures how to become friends with different countries around the world and help everyone connect in some kind of way.