Juliet's Death

Juliet is to blame

Juliet's Death

Even though Romeo was still alive, Juliet still drunk the poison because he was gone. So Romeo drunk some too and if it wasn't for Juliet drinking the poison they both would be alive. Juliet talks about drinking the poison "What if it be a poison, which the friar subtly hath minister'd to have me dead" ( Act IV, Scene III Shakespear). Once Juliet drunk the sleeping poison Romeo thought she was dead. It's Juliet's fault because Romeo thought Juliet was dead but it really was a sleeping poison so she'll be sleep for a couple of hours. It was Juliet's choice to drink the poison and she knows Romeo can't live without her so he went and drunk a real poison and killed himself, once Juliet woke up and realized he was dead she stabbed herself.
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Hello V.S. Romeo & Juliet

Because the song "Hello" and the play Romeo and Juliet are talking about being far apart and not really being for each other, they're so similar. The song talks about missing someone and she can't really do anything about it. It also talks about how they were not meant to be when she said "There's such a difference between us and a million miles" ( Adele-Hello). Once Adele realized that the person she loved was really gone she started to realize how important they were to her. Just like once Romeo saw that Juliet was dead he killed himself.
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Temptation VS Romeo & Juilet.

Because the movie "Temptation" and the play Romeo & Juliet both talk about two lovers apart from each other and realize they're all they love and need and that they're their other half. In the movie Temptation they're two lovers that grow apart from each and Judith (The Women) doesn't realize how much he loved her and how much she loves him until he was really gone. In Romeo & Juliet, Romeo has to leave, Juliet can;t live without Romeo so she drinks a sleeping poison. Both the play and movie are similar to each other because once a person is gone both Judith and Juliet realize they cant live without the person they love.