CHD Test Review

Intro to Child Development

1. How does learning about children help you?

2. What types of activities contribute to a child's intellectual development?

3. List and describe the areas of development.

4. Know the developmental stages and the characteristics of each.

5. How can caregivers contribute to a child's physical development?

6. What are the effects of heredity and environment on a child's development?

7. How is a child's gender determined?

8. How do dominant and recessive genes determine traits?

9. What is developmental acceleration?

10. What are windows of opportunity?

11. What does pruning mean?

12. What is the difference in growth and development?

13. What are the four main parenting responsibilities?

14. Describe the three main parenting styles.

15. Which theorist helps us understand how children learn?

16. What approach did Montessori take toward helping children learn?