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March 2020


The AVID monthly newsletter highlights students' accomplishments in and out of the classroom, celebrates the teachers rocking WICOR strategies during instruction, provides more information on the colleges we discuss each Thursday, showcases all things SENIOR year in terms of post-secondary goals, and serves as a place to share AVID strategies campus wide. We are so proud of the awesome achievements and strides the students and staff are making at LHS. We are building a legacy for a bright future.

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This past month we interviewed...

Fun fact, ALL of the teachers interviewed for Tarleton graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree!

What is one thing you wish someone told you about before you got to college?

-Coach Jones: ""If you can't pay with your debit card or cash, you don't need it!" SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T USE CREDIT CARDS!!!! (I mean my parents warned me but I did't listen lol)"

-Coach Prater: "That playing collegiate sports and going to school is a full time job, that you are grossly underpaid for."

-Coach Thomas: "Make the most of you experience. There are a handful of things I did not attend that I wish I did. You get the most out of your college experience if you are involved, in my opinion."

-Mrs. Groves: "Room with someone that has your same values"

What hurdles did you have to learn to navigate or overcome, and how did you do it?

-Coach Jones: "Paying for my own bills was a definite hurdle I had to learn to handle! Parents helped but I had to do my part for certain things I wanted."

-Coach Prater: "Learning to manage my expectations."

-Coach Thomas: "You can't always be a good procrastinator. One day, it will catch up to you. I learned my lesson a couple times but after I got ahold of my time management and discipline, I was able to enjoy my time in college a lot more."

-Coach Burke: "Juggling class work and athletics."

-Mrs. Groves: "Learned not to procrastinate. Pulling all nighters was not fun!"

What was the best thing about the campus?

-Coach Jones: "I just loved TARLETON in general; everything from the traditions, to sorority life, to the sports and school spirit...there was always something to do and I tried to do it all!"

-Coach Thomas: "Your classes are all in close proximity. The campus is decent size but not too large for you to have to walk a mile to class. I loved the smaller class sizes as well and are state of the art Recreation Center."

-Coach Thomas on Tarleton Traditions: " We are known as the best kept secret in Texas. We have a spirit organization called The Purple Poo. They attended all events. They were dressed head to toe to hide their identity. It was a big deal when Purple Poo graduate they "unmask" and reveal their identity. Sometimes, they are your best friend and you had NO idea."

Most valuable lesson learned in living with roommates?

-Coach Jones: "You have to be able to adapt to how other people were brought up and live and understand my way might not always be the right way....but I it is most the time lol!"

-Coach Thomas: "Communication. As long as you communicate with your roommate the less room for awfulness. LOL"

Self-Regulation in Blended Learning Environments

As we all know by now, blended learning is hard. In person, virtually, both AT THE SAME TIME, synchronous, asynchronous... insert all the emotions! Bestselling author, and educational trainer/speaker, Dr. Catlin Tucker empathizes and has some great information in a quick ready blog post on her site, check it out! Self-regulation Skills