Carrer choices

Chandler Clements

About me description

My name is Chandler Clements and this is my career presentation for reading. When I get older I know that I want to be in some branch of the military. My main focus was to go into the marine corps and serve for 5-10 years. Fighting in the military is something that I would really enjoy. I know that my parents do not want me to go into any branch of the military because they say that it is not the same as it use to be. They say that It was a lot more safe and there were no as many risk as there are now. My parents also told me that if the military considers you as war time then they can also keep you in there more that what you have signed up for. My dad was in the military for 6 years and said that it is the toughest thing that you will ever do in your life. He said that when you first join into the military that the first week is condition week and you do not do anything but train and condition. I am still not going to change my mind about going into the military. I also know that the military does pay good retirement money once you leave the military. And extra money once I leave would be amazing.

Personality test

My true color turned out to be orange. This means that I like to be outdoors and work with my hands. I like to be in the garage or in the yard helping my dad. I think that I inherit things from my dad. Like being outside and I like to try out new things and I also like to be doing physical things most of the time.

Reflection: This does actually fit me perfectly because I like to do all of the things that the color test says that I should enjoy.

Career choices/Education

Petroleum engineer requires a bachelor degree and pays a good amount of money. The median pay for a petroleum engineer is $130,280 a year. Coming out of college, that would be a great amount of money. And that is just the median pay you could also make more or you could make less amount of money a year. The job growth for a petroleum engineer is 25%. That is a pretty good percentage. Petroleum engineering is basically finding the oil under the earths surface. And then the other people that work for me will dig it and and make a oil rig for it.

Logging workers require a high school diploma or equivalent. This means that you could be a log workers coming out of high school. You do not have to attend college at all. You can make a decent amount of money considering It would be your 2nd or 3rd job because you will most likely have a job sophomore or junior year. The median pay for a log worker is $33,630. That may seem like a low amount of pay for year but you have to keep in mind that that is just the median pay. You could make more money and or less money. The job growth for a log worker is 9% that is not as high as the petroleum engineer but that is about normal for a job like that. Log workers cut down big trees and use the big trunk and ship them to places. A log worker job is very dangerous because you are working big machines and moving heavy logs and tree trunks. Also most of the time you are on a mountain or a hill so driving a big machine can be dangerous.

Joining the military requires a high school diploma or basically just graduating high school. Serving in the military requires a lot of effort and time. You have to basically sacrifice your life for the ones in your country. Joining the military would be the top career choice for me because I like to train and work hard and in the military you have to do that you have to obey and have discipline. The military is also very dangerous because you are putting your life at risk. You could be killed in a second and your life would be over. That's why you have to train. To learn all the things that you need to know to go fight for your country. The pay for the military is paying for a good portion of your college. Also you get retirement money when you resign from the military.


My budget is a reasonable amount of money for living the way I would like to live when I'm living on my own and have all the responsibilities to myself. My budget is $53,654. I think once i get out of the military and go into college that I will have enough money to live the way I would like to and have the nice things that i would like to have. I know that my budget could be cheaper than that, but who wants to live poorly and not enjoy for life on your own.