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Saint John XXIII September 13, 2020

Leadership Message

Our First Week Together: Finding the Joy

Last week marked our first week back altogether as a Saint John XXIII community. As COVID-19 slammed our doors shut back in March, it has been a blessing to hear children's laughter outside again, see their eyes twinkle again and witness the joy in teaching and learning throughout the school. As I walked through the classrooms and halls of Saint John XXIII this week, the love, dedication and energy given to your children is evident and woven into every moment of their days. The staff at Saint John XXIII are exceptional humans and we are so blessed to have such an amazing team walking with our SJ kids!

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to every parent for your commitment to following the protocols which are necessary for the safety and well-being for all staff and students. Your continued support and commitment to the Re-Entry protocols is critical to maintaining our safe and healthy community of Saint John XXIIII. Thank you.

Our EICS division theme this year, "Choose Joy" comes from scripture 1Peter 3:15, The Reason for Our Hope. In a time of tremendous uncertainty, fear and worry, we hold onto our faith, which is our bedrock for hope and source of joy. Every day, in the midst of our fatigue and uncertainty, how amazing it is to find the joy in moments, in one another, and in our Christian story that we are Loved-First, Last and Always.

As we continue to navigate this journey together this year, may we be space and grace holders for one another as we adjust our sails over and over again. May we look for the good within each other and find the joys each day brings. When the sun dips down each night, may we find rest and rejuvenation by following our school Saint's lead who is attributed for saying, "Lord, it's your Church, I am going to bed". (Saint John XXIII)


Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm

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Team SJXXIII 2020-2021

Pathways: Mrs. Tracey Pineau (Mr. Kris Szydlowski)

Kindergarten: Mrs. Amy Ekdahl

Grade 1 Team: Mrs. Lesley Holt & Ms. Stephanie Bennett

Grade 2 Team: Mrs. Lisa Morin & Mrs. Yvette Morin

Grade 3 Team: Ms. Ronalee Bourassa, Mrs. Lynne Joly-Davis & Ms. Rita Astalosch

Grade 4 Team: Mrs. Jackie Comartin, Mrs. Kassia Selinger & Mrs. Sarah Schaub

Music: Mrs. Sarah Schaub

Early Learning Music: Mrs. Melanie Doderai

Chaplain: Mrs. Jackie Comartin

Collaborative Response Coordinator: Mrs. Tara Kucy

Family Wellness Worker: Mrs. Eleanor Heesing

Principal: Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm

Assistant Principal: Ms. Rita Astalosch

Secretary: Mrs. Barb Potter

Library Tech: Mrs. May-Lee Buban

Educational Assistants:

Mrs. Michelle Mudry

Mrs. Roxanne Kellogg

Mrs. Cindy Latreille

Mrs. Adrienne Little

Mrs. Gwen Manca

Mrs. Tanya Fountain

Mrs. Jacqueline White

Mrs. Sheri McCoy

Mrs. Kendra Reist


Daytime caretaker: Ms. Lee Trainor (Mrs. Colline Cebryk)

Evening caretaker: Mr. Moises Pineda

Student Support Team: Mrs. Boehm, Ms. Astalosch, Mrs. Heesing & Mrs. Kucy

Meet our Team SJXXIII-Each week we will highlight a few staff members so you can get to know our crew!

Mrs. Potter-Our School Secretary

Mrs. Potter is joining us for her second year at Saint John XXIII. Mrs. Potter resides in Fort Saskatchewan with her husband, daughter and new furry friend, Maisy. Mrs. Potter has worked as an EA for many years with EICS and she brings much organization, care and joy to our office each day. She is one of our treasured gems at Saint John XXIII! Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Potter.

Some things that bring Mrs. Potter joy are: spending time with her family, birds, enjoying nature, and of course, seeing our SJ kids!

Mrs.Eleanor Heesing-Family Wellness Worker

Mrs. Eleanor Heesing joins us for her third year with our SJ community as our Family Wellness Worker. We share Mrs. Heesing with our sister school, Our Lady of the Angels.

Mrs. Heesing has lived and worked in our Fort Saskatchewan community for over 25 years. Each day you can find Mrs. Heesing connecting with and helping our SJ students, staff and families with: supports for mental wellness, personal strength and coping tools, and assissting with navigating community agencies. She is pivotal in assisting with our staff and student wellness through regulation, circles, and mindfulness supports in our school. Mrs. Heesing is a part of our Student Support Team and works alongside Mrs. Boehm, Ms. Astalosch, and Mrs. Kucy to support our community. You may wish to connect with Mrs. Heesing if your family has experienced some recent changes and you are seeking some assistance with navigating these changes. She can be reached at 780-995-9352 or our school 780-998-7777 or by email:

Something that brings Mrs. Heesing joy is connection!

Mrs. Tara Kucy-Collaborative Response Coordinator

We are excited to welcome Mrs. Tara Kucy to our Saint John XXIII team as our Collaborative Response Coordinator. (This was a role filled by Ms. Astalosch last year). Mrs. Kucy is married to Mr. Ed Kucy, an EICS principal, and is a mother of two children, Stephanie (18) who attends University in North Carolina on a basketball scholarship and Ryan (16) who attends ABJ in Sherwood Park. Her family lives on an acreage and they love being outside, camping, sports, travelling, and gardening.

As our CRC, Mrs. Kucy plays a key role in working collaboratively with staff, students, and parents in providing supports for appropriate educational programming for all learners. Mrs. Kucy also supports the school community at Our Lady of the Angels School.

If your child is on an ISP or an RSP, has specific targeted programming needs, or is journeying through some diagnostic assessments, you can expect to have Mrs. Kucy on your team. Mrs. Kucy can be reached at the school 780-998-7777 or via email

Some things that bring Mrs. Kucy joy are: peaceful mornings on her deck, time with her family and Sunday dinners!

EICS and Saint John XXIII Re-Entry Protocols

Please refer to this document as it is the one that continuously updates when new protocols are shared from the Alberta Government.

As we are now a closed campus which means, as per the EICS re-entry plan, parents will not be allowed to enter the school. In the event you need to pick up your child, please contact the office 780-998-7777 and Mrs. Potter will help make arrangements for you to meet at the front door.

Late Arrivals: What to do?

First bell rings at 8:45 am. Supervision begins each morning at 8:30 am. If you arrive after the first bell rings at 8:45 am, please call the office 780-998-7777, press 1 and someone will meet your child at the front door. All doors are locked now and we want to ensure all of our students arrive safely. Thank you for your commitment to this.

First bell rings at 8:45 am and dismissal is 3:23 pm. Morning supervision begins at 8:30 am. Please do not drop off students earlier than 8:30 pm

Attendance Reporting Procedures-School Messenger

Please use the School Messenger app, or the website to notify the office of any late arrivals, illnesses, or early departures as well as notifying your child’s teacher. Please call the office if you have any issues entering your absence/late/early departures into School Messenger. 780-998-7777

It is our first priority every morning and afternoon to ensure that all students are accounted for. Using this tool helps us to expedite this process to ensure the safe arrival of all of our students. We appreciate your partnership in keeping our little people safe.

IMPORTANT: *Please update Student Medical Info in your PowerSchool Account*

To login to your Powerschool Parent Account, please click on the link below:

Please do not use the Powerschool App. Use the powerschool website in the link above.

Data Verification Forms:

In the SchoolEngage, Student Forms section, please complete the Data Verification forms so we have current contact information for your child. We are required by Alberta Education to update this yearly. All new registrants will be required to update this form as well.

Medical Forms:

If your child has a medical alert that we should be aware of, we will require a new medical form that is available in your powerschool account. If you child requires use of an epi-pen, please make sure this is filled out asap. We like to keep a student's epi-pen on hand at the office in case of emergency. We understand with the shortage right now this may not be possible. At the very least, we need to know where a student is keeping their epi-pen. If you have questions, please contact the office.

If you require assistance, please contact Mrs. Potter 780-998-7777 or via email

Please save the Visitor Parking Spaces for Families with Infants or Complex Needs Students. A little walk is a great way to start the day:)

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Calling any carpenters...would you like to donate some items for our Outdoor Classroom?

As we find different locations to spread out and play this year, one of the students' favourite places to play is in our Outdoor Classroom. It needs a little sprucing up :).

We are in need of a few more tree stumps (see pictures below) and would love for some handy carpenter to build us a few large wooden chairs like the one below. The one in the picture is broken but the kids love to play in and on it. If there is anyone who is able and willing to donate their time, talent, and materials, we would be so grateful.

Please contact Mrs. Boehm 780-998-7777.

We are Healthy Champions at Saint John XXIII

EICS recognizes nutrition as an essential element of student and staff wellness, and acknowledges its role in optimal growth and development. As a division, we are committed to creating nutrition environments in schools that promote and provide access to healthy food choices for all. Our Administrative Procedure reinforces the principles of healthy eating outlined in Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide and the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth. Our education for students, staff, and parents works with the Comprehensive School Health approach.

In accordance with our EICS Nutrition AP, our school will:

  1. Ensure strategies are in place to foster the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote healthy eating.
  2. Using the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines, distribution of food in our elementary school will align with the Choose Most Often and Choose Sometimes categories.
  3. Special events will incorporate the principles outlines in the Alberta Nutrition Guideline for Children and Youth.
  4. Hot Lunch Programs will provide healthy choices from the Choose Most Often and Choose Sometimes categories, and will phase out foods from the Choose Least Often categories.
  5. Schools will use non-food rewards to provide incentives.


So what, now what? What does this mean for students, staff, and families of Saint John XXIII?

  • We recognize that nutrition is fundamentally a parental decision and we acknowledge parents as the first teacher of their child.
  • Staff will continue to share information and ideas about the categories with students and families.
  • We will not be able to distribute any birthday "treats" or food that is brought in. If your child would really like to share on their birthday, there are many non-food options available such as: a book donation or pencils.
  • Administration will continue to work jointly with our Hot Lunch Coordinators to ensure nutritious choices are made available.
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Due to COVID-19 Protocols, each cohort group will be heading out sometime on Friday, September 18th for their own class Terry Fox Run.

This aligns with the Terry Fox foundation's run's theme of: One Day. Your Way. We will still run in honour of Terry Fox, learn about his Marathon of Hope as learners, and continue to find ways to host our annual fundraiser for cancer research. If you would like to learn more about Terry's story or the annual run click here

Looking ahead: September

September 18: Terry Fox Run (Bring in a Toonie for Terry, if you can)

September 30: Orange Shirt Day

Our new Flexible Pathways Program is off to a wonderful beginning!

Growing Brains & Sharing Smiles! It's a Great Day to be a Saint John Kid!

OLA Parish News

Our Lady of the Angels Roman Catholic Parish



Rev. Kristopher Schmidt

Cell phone: 780-995-3930


Link to Fr. Kris homily:


Rev. Danial Dsouza

Cell phone: 780-710-3128


Our parish Pastor welcomes us back to school and shares an invitation for Sacramental Preparation and an invitation for all....please watch the video below

Fr. Kris and Sacraments September 2020

Thank YOU SJ parents for your support in June. Here are the stories we have purchased, with your help, for our Re-Entry; supporting our kids with a focus on resiliency, wellness, trauma informed, connections, mindfulness and always, our faith.

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Saint John XXIII School Council News

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Thank-you to all parents for your commitment to our SJ school community! Did you know that as a parent of our school community, you are automatically a member of the School Council? We look forward to connecting with and hearing your voice this year. Would you like to be a class representative? Please let your child's teacher know. Interested in becoming a Parent School Council Executive member? Contact Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm

Meetings this year will be held via Google Meet.

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