What's the Buzz?

Room 13 News


This week in reading we are learning about adjectives! We continue to practice identifying verbs and nouns. In Fundations we are reading and writing words with the glued sound all and bonus letters f, l, and s.


This week in writing we are practicing editing for capitalization and punctuation. On Friday we wrapped up our small moments unit by sharing with Mrs. Bordonaro's class.


In math this week we learned about number lines. We practiced hopping on the number line, counting by ones, twos, fives, and tens.

Science and Social Studies

In social studies we continued to learn about life long ago. We learned about different types of Native American homes and who the Pilgrims were.

Talk to Me!

Ten Questions to Ask About School so the Answer Won't be "nothing..."

1. What is an adjective?

2. How did the Native Americans and Pilgrims get what they needed from each other?