Private Cloud Solutions

SDN empowered Cloud Solutions

With cloud computing and software defined networking (SDN) storming the world, and OpenFlow promising to redefine networking, operators and IT groups need innovative and cost effective ways to harness the full potential of this technology revolution. KloudSpun enables you to set up your own truly virtualized network service and the capability to harness the network service most efficiently for business applications.

Kloudspun Consulting Services

Private Cloud Service Installation

Get your networking service created and running in hours instead of years using our installation services which can be utilized completely remotely or onsite.

OpenStack Training

Learn from the basics to advanced topics and equip yourself to create your own cloud solution using OpenStack, the revolutionary open source network resource management tool.

Kloudspun SDN Controller

Open Sesame

Use the Kloudspun SDN controller to unleash the power of SDN and get the maximum out of your network keeping network infrastructure cost to a minimum. Low cost switches with the latest technology to deliver highest available link speeds can be used with ease. The Kloudspun controller takes the complexity out of the network. Through the OpenStack plug-in, the network is presented as a service that can be manipulated in an efficient and flexible manner for business and enterprise applications.