Learning Update May 2017

A curriculum update for Parents/Guardians

New Course Offerings at BHS

Students at BHS will be given the opportunity to explore new courses next year. Over the last few months, the Office of Curriculum & Instruction has been assessing our current courses and looking for ways to provide our students with additional learning experiences (prior to graduation).

In the Business Department, the following new courses have been added:

  • Entreprenuership;
  • Introduction to Marketing;
  • Accounting.

In the Mathematics Department, the following new courses have been added:

  • Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles;
  • The Mathematics of Sports.

In the Technology Department, the following new courses have been added:

  • Introduction to Digital Photography;
  • Digital Photography II;
  • Robotics.

In addition, some of our existing courses will be changed to half-year courses and/or given honors designation (particularly in the Visual & Performing Arts).

We are very excited about our new course offerings and additional opportunities to prepare our students for college & career.

2017-2018 Course Offerings

Click above to read more info. about our new courses.

Early Intervention Program - Grade 1

Since September of 2012, our District has been running an Early Intervention Program for 1st Grade (in all four elementary schools). The rationale of the program is to provide at-risk kindergarten students with intense, academic intervention in the areas of mathematics and literacy during their grade one placement.

Over the last five years the program has been extremely successful with helping students:

  • develop skills to become independent readers and writers;
  • receive intensive, individual instruction that focuses on phonological awareness, phonics, and decoding skills;
  • master number sense and fact fluency (in mathematics);
  • flourish in a student-centered classroom experience (with small class size)
  • demonstrate their learning in a variety of assessment experiences;
  • enhance their learning with technology.

When students are recommended for this program, we see less recommendations for retention and/or referral to the child study team.

The District continues to recognize the diverse, academic needs our youngest learners. Early Intervention Grade 1 is a true success!

Middle School Students Continue to Excel with Spanish Placement

Did you know that last year over sixty of our 8th grade students placed into Spanish II as 9th Graders???

This is the result of a three year Middle School World Language Program at ROBMS. By the end of grade eight, all students are given the opportunity to take a placement test for high school world language. If students score high enough, receive teacher recommendation, and have demonstrated above average performance in class, an incoming 9th grader can skip Spanish I and be placed into Spanish II or Spanish II Honors. This looks great on a high school transcript and begins a focused pathway to Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish.

We are thrilled with this curricular progress. In fact, World Language was a topic for one of our Board of Education - Barnegat Brags (March 2017).

For more information about our middle school Spanish program, please click the link below.

How Are Teachers Evaluated (cont)?

In the February edition of the Learning Update, we highlighted the four main areas of our evaluation framework. Since we are nearing the end of the year, we would like to further define the 4th area of the framework, professional responsibilities.

The "year-end" evaluation is broken down into six main areas (components):

  • Reflection of Teaching;
  • Maintaining of Accurate Records;
  • Communicating with Families;
  • Participating in a Professional Community;
  • Growing and Developing Professionally;
  • Showing Professionalism.

The aforementioned professional responsibilities are assessed at the end of the year (based on all the work the teacher has done over a ten month period). Staff are required to meet with their supervisor and show evidence (artifacts) of implementation.

For more information about Educator Effectiveness, please visit the teacher evaluation section of our webpage.

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Professional Development Update - Mentoring Program

In the State of New Jersey, all new teachers (to the profession) are required to enroll in the District's Mentoring Program. Each Fall, new (novice) members to the profession begin the program. The District assigns a mentor to work with the novice teacher for the duration of the school year.

The mentor meets with his/her mentee on a regular basis to review/discuss year one topics, to provide confidential support and advice, and even visits their mentee's classroom to assist with lesson design and implementation. All of our assigned mentors are required to attend mentor training and submit a monthly log to the Office of Curriculum & Instruction.

Providing our "year one" teachers with guidance and support is crucial to their success (now and in the future). Congratulations to our novice and veteran staff for completing this program!

Five Fast Facts (Tips) for Parents

1.) When procrastination becomes a habit, it can affect school performance.

2.) Bring geography to life with fun and educational activities.

3.) Take time to review test/assessment results with your child.

4.) Discover ways to build family time into your schedule.

5.) Encouragement is more effective than praise.

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